Month: June 2015

In-House vs Outsourced Social Media: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Infinit-O Outsourcing Social Media

Social media is a business tool necessity. Nowhere has customer service, marketing, industry monitoring and brand engagement become more streamlined and attainable than in the world of social media. And while social media or digital marketing is a more cost-effective option than traditional marketing, it requires more attention and constant effort. Manpower and operations are required to be on their toes 24/7 since social media channels move at a fast pace that a dedicated team is often necessary to keep it running efficiently.

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5 Ways Customer Service Training Can Help the Finance and Accounting Team | Infinit Accounting

Infinit-O Customer Service Training for Finance and Accounting

The finance and accounting department typically focus on getting the numbers right, often at the expense of soft skills training. This is understandable, since properly crunching numbers is, of course, their utmost priority. These math professionals are hired because of their specialized skills and in return, receive commendations for their ability to fill out the books in an efficient manner, since nobody would want ledger books riddled with mistakes and careless oversights.

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