Month: September 2018

7 Things You Need to Know About Health Information Management

Quality healthcare is not only dependent on the doctors and nurses who attend to your health and medical concerns every time you visit a hospital or a clinic. Aside from the medical personnel that you normally meet during your health checkup, there is an entire workforce who ensures that proper healthcare information is disseminated for accurate treatment and manages medical data and patient records for easy reference and correct filing. This is the health information management (HIM).

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Top 3 Advantages of Healthcare Informatics in the Modern Age

Truth be told, we are now in the era where technology is one of the most essential tools in the society. This significant transformation has led people to innovate even further. And to date, these innovations are now taking over the healthcare industry in ensuring the delivery of high-quality patient care.

The professional practice of studying, acquiring, and managing health data, also known as Healthcare Informatics is dramatically changing the game in the healthcare landscape. Continue Reading

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Challenges of Delivering Customer Satisfaction and How To Go Through Them

In this modern age when almost everything comes handy, customers have become less appreciative and are difficult to please. With the advancement in technology and the accessibility of information, product quality among competing brands and companies are almost equal. Hence, the determining factor in choosing the brand or company lies in the customer service. Continue Reading

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What Benefits Can Hospitals Get from Healthcare Automation?

Even as automation has become part of our daily lives and an integral part of operations in various industries, it is still lagging significantly when it comes to healthcare. This is an issue that healthcare systems and organizations need to seriously consider as it is projected that the U.S nursing shortage will grow to 260,000 registered nurses by 2025 due to an aging population needing more health care, and staffing going into retirement, mainly the baby boomers. Add to the mix the consistent need to reduce costs and eliminate redundancy and you have got one thing to seriously consider – applying automation to health care operations, from patient support services to tasks that require little cognitive value.

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