5 Biggest Accounting Scandals in 2014 to Learn From

This year, we have seen some accounting scandals involving hugely popular companies. These biggest accounting scandals of 2014 rocked the world of finance and accounting and at the same time reminded us about the importance of maintaining good accounting practices. It’s important to be informed about these so that we can be warned about what not to do.

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Top 3 Reasons to Outsource Risk Management

Risk management is a necessary but oftentimes neglected aspect of most business ventures. It can also be a costly, time wasting proposition, especially in the hands of an amateur. And yet more often than not, many companies assign risk management duties to staff members whose core competencies lie in other areas of expertise. This is because most companies are apprehensive about the idea putting a significant piece of the business into an "outsider's" hands.

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9 Blogs Every Accountant Should be Reading - Infinit Accounting

As professional accountants, it’s important to be kept up breast on the latest news and information about what's new in the industry. Getting a different view and reading about thought-provoking insights on topics ranging from auditing, fraud, tax accounting and regulations will keep you on your toes and help you make informed decisions in the workplace.

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Profit and Loss Management: 3 Ways to Do it Right

For a business to maintain operations, provide better services, and come up with new products, it needs to make profit. In any business, profit is always accompanied with certain losses. The key is to ensure that profit and loss management is done correctly to help businesses stay afloat and better yet, thrive.

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10 Must-Read Blogs on Financial Management

Having sound financial management know-how will help you not only in handling your personal accounting but also allow your business to grow and expand. It includes overseeing financial resources through planning and organization aside from simply keeping accounting books.

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9 Must-Follow Social Media Influencers on Finance

Twitter is more than just a virtual space for the latest Hollywood Twitter wars, personal rants, and daily 140-word reports on what everyone is eating for breakfast.

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