The 5 Most Innovative Fintech Trends in 2018

This 2018 proves a promising year for Financial Technology, a.k.a. FinTech, as it continues to propel the financial sector to greater heights. According to the World FinTech Report 2018, FinTechs are driving revitalization of the financial services customer journey by innovating with emerging technologies. Financial firms must look to continue aligning with customer goals, maintaining trust, and delivering digital and efficient processes for future success.

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How Hedge Funds Companies Can Benefit From Outsourcing

What is Hedge Fund?

Hedge fund is a fancy jargon for an investment partnership. This partnership involves the union of a fund manager, which is often called as the general partner, and the hedge fund investors also known as the limited partners. The limited partners contribute the money while the general partner manages the pooled funds and employs different strategies with the goal of generating active return of investment, which is called Alpha. The latter serves as a measure or gauge of investment performance relative to a market index or benchmark. The total assets under management for the hedge fund industry rose to $4.81 trillion in 2018.

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