3 Reasons to Outsource your Home Health Coding Processes


One day you realize your business can’t juggle it all. You’re draining budgets, patients aren’t satisfied, and you don’t have the right people to handle your home health coding tasks.

Don’t worry. There’s one solution to fix all this: outsourcing. When done correctly, outsourced medical coding solutions can relieve some of the stress you may feel as your healthcare business is growing.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Medical Transcription Processes


Decisions, big or small, make or break a company’s expansion journey. One such decision is outsourcing your medical transcription tasks to a trusted healthcare solutions partner. While it does seem daunting, outsourcing could be one of your best decisions yet.

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How to Take Control of Your Medical Billing Process



Do you think you have total control over your medical billing process?

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3 Advantages of Medical Telephone Triage



Good health is literally one call away.

As the healthcare industry continues to find ways to reach out to their patients, it has resulted in Medical Telephone Triaging, where healthcare specialists serve individuals who have health concerns and want to know the level of treatment.

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How Outsourcing Helps the Practice of 'Continuous Healthcare'

The goal of the healthcare industry is to provide value-based, continuous healthcare to as many people as possible—improving the overall population at a reduced per capital cost. However, this can be challenging considering the population boom, the lack of healthcare workers to fulfill demand, and the increasing cost of health services.

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Addressing Challenges in Implementing a Successful Telemedicine Program

Ever since the invention of the telephone, medicine and technology have been side by side providing better healthcare to patients. Once the internet took over, physicians have been able to deliver better healthcare through platforms such as video conferencing, image automation, and integrated medical devices. This practice is known as telemedicine and it is a tool that allows patients to effectively communicate with physicians on the internet via all mobile platforms. As technology is constantly improving, there are still a lot of challenges or obstacles that telemedicine is currently facing. Here is a brief overview of what telemedicine is and some challenges it is currently facing.

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How to Combat the Future Global IT Skills Shortage

Without a doubt, Information Technology has become one of the most important aspects of business operations in various industries. The dire importance of technology has fuelled and sustained innovation in order to cater to the ever-changing needs of different organizations and consumers. The rate of innovation, however, highlights the current shortage in graduates that specialize in software design and testing or even Information Technology (IT) in general. Gartner projects that there will be 1.4 million job openings for computer specialists by 2020, but universities can only supply at most 420,000 graduates who are qualified for these positions. One way to avert from these issues presented by the global IT skills shortage in the future is to consolidate an effective internal training program for their IT specialists. Although this may be effective in the long-run, the most potent solution to the global IT skills shortage is IT Outsourcing (ITO).

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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Healthcare Solutions Partner

In the healthcare industry today, one of the most difficult challenges that most hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare providers constantly face is how to save costs. One of the most effective methods of cost saving is outsourcing certain healthcare operations and services to an offshore provider.

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4 Tips to Reduce Threats to Your Company's Web and Data Security

In today’s digital age, almost all successful organizations rely heavily on data. Data transfer, storage, and data collection all play integral roles in allowing businesses to earn profit and maintain solid working relationships with suppliers and affiliates. Data also heavily impacts most organizations as most social, governmental, and economic activities are carried out online. This information has the potential to dictate the flow of life of any organization. This is why if your company is looking to thrive in its specific industry, now is the time to be vigilant about web and data security.

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6 Ways Outsourced Telehealth Support Improves Patient Experience

Today’s technology is empowering how patients, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists experience healthcare. These technological developments fall under the telehealth field, which covers everything from telemedicine to other related services such as telenursing and telepharmacy. Regardless of the service needed—whether a consult or prescription—patients conveniently access these through smart devices such as laptops and smartphones. The physical distance is crossed with the quick, real-time access of a virtual one.

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