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Infinit-O’s mission is to create endless opportunities for your company to realize its fullest potential. Together, let’s build a great team of healthcare and non-healthcare professionals designed to meet your unique needs.

Understanding Your Needs

Cityblock is a one-stop healthcare provider that delivers comprehensive care support from a diverse group of health practitioners ranging from social workers, therapists, doctors, nurses, and advanced care professionals resulting in a more accessible healthcare to the communities you serve.

Your company’s goal is to have your patient at the center of their own healthcare experience by giving them access to in-home, community-based, and virtual care.

And to further achieve patient care excellence, building a great team of Inbound and Outbound Patient Care Representatives, Software Engineers and Data Analysts can augment and contribute to the demand for scalability and overcome unmanageable workload from a high volume of patients to cater and inquiries to address.

With the right outsourcing partner like Infinit-O, all of these can be accomplished with our:

  • ✔ Access to world-class talent
  • ✔ A+ recruitment process within 30-45 days
  • ✔ Industry leading experience

A partnership with Infinit-O provides a customized, high quality healthcare business solutions that can promise the following:

  • ✔ Building great, high-performing Engineering, IT and even healthcare (RCM)  teams
  • ✔ 70% Projected operational savings
  • ✔ 75 Net Promoter Score (2020)
  • ✔ 97% Client retention rate
Understanding your Needs
Cityblock Cost Saving Percentage

Sample Cost-Savings Chart

To fully appreciate the potential operational cost savings, below is a sample cost comparison:

Job TitleCost per In-house FTE
($ rate)
Cost per Infinit-O FTE
($ rate)
% Savings per Month
Customer Care Representative4,936.00$ 1,800.0061.51%
Software Engineer$ 9,992.00$ 2,480.0075.18%
Data Analyst$ 1,600.00$ 5,942.4073.07%

*All costs are based on estimated rates and typical fully burdened costs

Cost Comparison per Year:

In-house FTE (full-time employee) vs. Infinit-O FTE

Job Title No. of team members Estimated Annual Cost Savings
Customer Care Representative 1 $ 36,432.00
Software Engineer 1 $ 90,144.00
Data Analyst 1 $ 52,108.80
CityBlock - Cost Savings
Cost Saving Calculator V3 GIF

Cost Savings Calculator

For other roles that you wish to add, our Cost Savings Calculator can help you in projecting potential operational cost reductions.

Teams we can build for City block

We can also build Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) team for core-care support:

Analyse clinical statements and assign standard codes.
Submitting, following up on and appealing on medical claims.
analyzing insurance information and handling insurance claims Infinit-O teams have >95% on claims accuracy
Monitoring denials, appeals and insurance resolutions
Medical documents for accuracy
Scheduling appointments and maintaining patient’s records

4 Pillars of Success: People, Process, Technology and Security

Know more about Infinit-O’s 4 pillars of success and our secret in building a great, high-performing RCM team.

Infinit-O 4 Pillars of Success
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Success Stories

To successfully grow your business and achieve your goals, it starts with proper planning and investing in the right resources. The following companies in the HC industry were able to identify their unique needs and sought help with the right partner who exactly knows how to address their demands. 

We’ve gathered the following success stories so you can learn more about their outsourcing journey and how they were able to achieve their business objectives with the help of the right partner.

How it Works

Working with Infinit-O is as simple as it gets. We have 5 quick steps to get you on board.

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Ready to explore infinite opportunities to grow?

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