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Infinit-O’s mission is to create endless opportunities for your company to realize its fullest potential. Together, let’s build a great team of healthcare and non-healthcare professionals designed to meet your unique needs.

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Understanding Your Needs

Incyte Diagnostics, is an outstanding quality diagnostics and service in Northwest US in Bellevue, Spokane Valley and Richland. Your company aims to provide expert medical interpretation with the latest technology to deliver the best results for clinicians and patients. 

To reach your business goals, building great teams of Healthcare experts will help you achieve collaborative approach to patient centered care and outstanding diagnostics. A team of Medical Review Specialists focus on reviewing and documenting patient records accurately. While, adding a Medical Billers can take care of billing-related concerns that unloads your healthcare providers with this admin task and allows seamless and correct billing transactions with your patients which will ultimately result in satisfied clients. Clinical Abstractors, on the other hand, can perform abstracting and interpretation of highly complex healthcare data.

With the right outsourcing partner like Infinit-O, scaling and building those teams can be achieved through our:

  • ✔ Access to world-class talent
  • ✔ A+ recruitment process of hiring to on-boarding 
  •     within 30-45 days
  • ✔ Industry leading experience

A partnership with Infinit-O provides a customized, high quality business solutions that can promise the following:

  • ✔ Building great, high-performing Engineering, IT and even healthcare (RCM)  teams
  • ✔ 70% Projected operational savings
  • ✔ 75 Net Promoter Score (2020)
  • ✔ 97% Client retention rate
Understanding your Needs
Incyte Diagnostic Cost Savings %

Sample Cost-Savings Chart

To fully appreciate the potential operational cost savings, below is a sample cost comparison:

Job TitleCost per In-house FTE ($ rate)Cost per Infinit-O FTE
($ rate)
% Savings per Month
Medical Review Specialist$ 6,344.27$ 1,800.0072%
Medical Biller$ 4,626.69$ 1,600.0065%
Clinical Abstractor$ 5,068.80$ 1,800.0064%

*All costs are based on estimated rates and typical fully burdened costs

Cost Comparison per Year:

In-house FTE (full-time employee) vs. Infinit-O FTE

Job TitleNo. of team membersEstimated Annual Cost Savings
Medical Review Specialist1$ 39,225.60
Medical Biller1$ 54,531.26
Clinical Abstractor1$ 36,320.26

*All costs are based on estimated rates and typical fully burdened costs

Incyte Diagnostics Annual Cost Savings
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Cost Savings Calculator

For other roles that you wish to add, our Cost Savings Calculator can help you in projecting potential operational cost reductions.

Teams We Can Build for Incyte Diagnostics


We can also build Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) team for core-care support:

Coordinates and schedules patient appointments
Monitoring denials, appeals and insurance resolutions
Medical documents for accuracy

4 Pillars of Success: People, Process, Technology and Security

Know more about Infinit-O’s 4 pillars of success and our secret in building a great, high-performing RCM Team.

Infinit-O 4 Pillars of Success
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Success Stories

Infinit-O has partnered with companies who cater financial services like Incyte Diagnostics’ line of business and effectively helped them overcome customary challenges. Here are some success stories about these client’s outsourcing journeys and how having the right partner is your first step to achieving your business goals.

How it Works

Working with Infinit-O is as simple as it gets. We have 5 quick steps to get you on board.

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Ready to explore endless opportunities to grow?

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