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Customer Experience: Best Way to Attract Loyal Customers

Findings of the Customer Experience Tipping Point survey conducted by Medallia, Inc., a global leader in customer experience management, back in 2018 showed that the main reason consumers choose a particular brand when making a purchase or availing a service is customer experience. In fact, 77 percent of respondents claim to have chosen a product or service from a company because of good experiences they had with it, while 64 percent of respondents said they have avoided a brand because of a bad experience they had within the last year.

To fully understand the value of good customer experience, one has to know what comprises it. In a nutshell, customer experience (CX) is your customers’ holistic perception of their experience with your business or brand. Every interaction a customer has with your business plays a part in their overall CX. This encompasses the moment they checkout your online store, for example, inquiring through your customer service and finally receiving the product/service.

Customer Service Speaker and Expert Shep Hyken in his article on Forbes even said customer experience is the new brand. “Everything a brand does – the way it does its marketing, research, advertising and more – all play a role in shaping the customer’s experience,” he wrote.

As such, here are the advantages of ensuring a positive consumer experience in your business.

Customer loyalty

The benefits of a good consumer experience for your business is rooted with customer loyalty. Just like what’s mentioned above, customers will support brands that provided them good experiences rather than those that did not. This will result in a number of positive outcomes for your company such as increased sales and recommendations.

Increased sales

As customer loyalty drives more patrons to choose your brand, sales will definitely increase as well. Focus on creating lifelong clients as 20% of a business’s customers base generate about 80% of sales, according to Penefit. These people will also be most likely interested to try other products/services that you offer given that they already have experienced good service from your brand and are the first ones to recommend you to their circles.

Better reviews

Reviews, may it be by word-of-mouth or online, can make or break your business that’s why your customer service should always be at its best. In their Local Consumer Review Survey, BrightLocal found out that the average consumer reads 10 reviews before feeling able to trust a business and only 53% of people would consider using a business with less than 4 stars. Another key takeaway from the survey results is a negative review can potentially drive away 40% of potential customers.

With continued excellent customer experience, your patrons will also hold you to a high standard and expect more from your each time. This is why it’s crucial to build the right CX team that will help you put your customers first all the time. As the people who take care of the customers, they are the ones who know them the most—their buying habits, likes, and dislikes—and can provide valuable input in improving your services. More importantly, your CX team will help you employ the latest tools and technology that you need to optimize your brand’s customer service.

Building a Great CX Team

Building your own in-house customer service team, especially for small and medium businesses, may be taxing on the budget, resources, and time. Thankfully, customer support outsourcing is available at an affordable cost for every business. With the right partner, you will not only save money but they can also hire the best people for you. You won’t have to hire and/or train new staff because their A+ recruitment team and process will handle that for you. 

The decision to outsource your customer service is an integral one. You want to hire a capable and trusted outsourcing company that is able to meet your unique needs and understands the demands of your brand.

The right partner can gather inbound and outbound solutions, CMS, social media, and back-office services. They can provide your own dedicated team within 30 days and is at your service 24/7, with cost savings of up to 70%. Make sure that they are also ISO-certified and GDPR-compliant, so your company and client data are safe.

Partnership with Infinit-O

Infinit-O’s mission is to create endless opportunities for your company to realize its full potential.

We can build you a great, high-performing CX team:

  • Social Media Managers 
  • Online Community Managers
  • Customer Care Representatives (Omni-channel)
  • Chat / Email Support Representatives
  • Technical Support Representatives
  • Website and App Developers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Market Research Analysts
  • Bookkeepers
  • Others

Let’s work together to build a great Customer Care Support Team

Start small. Exceed expectations. Think infinitely. Think Infinit-O.

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