10 Best Customer Support Apps for Small Businesses

Applications are becoming more and more integral in our daily lives with more customers preferring to communicate via an application instead of phone calls or visiting a website. This is why for any small business venture to succeed in providing products and services, it is now extremely critical for them to utilize applications. These support applications allow small businesses to provide optimal customer service as well as to reduce costs handling service inquiries. If you are a small business owner looking to provide the best customer service support possible, here are 10 very good customer support apps to consider using.  

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3 years ago

Telemedicine and its Impact to the Healthcare Industry

Infinit-O Telemedicine Healthcare Blog

The healthcare industry has seen immense growth over the decades thanks to the ease and convenience brought by the advancement of today’s technologies. However, there are still many challenges that the industry has to overcome, especially when it comes to accessibility and convenience of services both for the patients and the medical providers.

One of the solutions the medical profession and the healthcare industry have come up with to address these issues is telemedicine. Continue Reading

2 years ago

5 Big Finance & Accounting Trends in 2020

Businesses are now going beyond the best practices in accounting and see now that digital innovations are improving financial processes. These address pain points in production output, operational costs, and return on investment, among others. Finance leaders are now creating a balance of maintaining their traditional responsibilities while developing a corporate strategy with digitization and automation in mind.

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8 months ago

The Best Outsourcing Success Stories of All Time

Infinit-O Outsourcing Success Stories

Startups and big companies alike need to consider budget management alongside hiring the best team for their developing products and services. Software development alone can cost around $60,000 annually. This a minimum cost and can increase based on the time spent on the project and other required services.

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3 years ago

Top 4 Challenges Facing the Accounting Industry Today

It’s quite evident that the accounting sector has undergone some major changes over the years… and changes are still taking place. Advancements in technology and changes to the tax system are some big trends shaking the industry.

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11 months ago

5 Ways to Manage Your Accounts Receivable More Efficiently

Managing the accounts receivable is extremely crucial for any business, as day-to-day operations greatly depend on it. It’s where you have to draw money to pay your employees, finance your company’s daily expenses, and grow the business, which is why payments must be collected on a timely basis.

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5 years ago


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