Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing Your IT Teams

Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing Your IT Teams

As businesses are converting from manual set up to digital systems, most if not all, are building and upgrading strong IT services for their company. And because we live in the “world of information”, IT has become a part of not just in our daily lives but also in every company regardless of industry. In the coming decades, many corporations will enhance their IT departments to manage this digital transition.

Whether you’re a small or medium business owner, digital threats such as cybersecurity breach is a serious concern for your company. Readiness for these challenges does not only mean equipment availability but also 24/7 monitoring from IT support, preparing users on the utilization of digital platforms and coordination responses between operational departments. That is why it’s important to invest on a great, high-performing IT team for your organization.

Outsourcing your IT Teams

Industry News and Trends

Knowing the latest information about the IT industry and its trends will give you leverage on how to effectively scale your own IT support team, manage your company and ensure a fortified network and data system that will help keep your business adapt to any digital shifts. Below is the latest news in IT that pushes you to be one step ahead in your business.

Infinit-O Industry News and Trends

Common Pain Points in IT Industry

As with any industry, business crises have a significant impact on the economy. Companies are putting in best efforts to stay operational in order to continuously serve their clients while ensuring the welfare of their employees. This digital shift elicited these pain points in the IT industry:

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Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the newness of remote work. Some are even turning people’s curiosity and anxiety by using COVID-19 information links (e.g. phishing emails from health or medical organizations, or even World Health Organization officials, etc.) to targeted users seeking updates on the pandemic. The proliferation of these attacks may eventually lead to business jeopardy. Luckily, most of these can be forestalled by sound cyber hygiene and training employees on information security to increase their digital vigilance. To list a few, below are some of the cyber attacks common nowadays:

  • Phishing and Malspam
  • Brute Force Attack
  • Ransomware
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Targeting 
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks
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Because of this, companies that didn’t have sufficient time weren’t able to efficiently establish their workplace set-up at home and had to swiftly jump from one cloud technology to another to enable remote work sooner. The IT teams bore the weight and struggled with under-licensed environments, and even tried with free technologies like Zoom which with the spiring number of users, is now facing increased scrutiny for their privacy and security practices.

For a better overview of the risks in cloud management, knowing the cyber risk statistics is a good way to understand this:

  • 52% Lack of awareness of cloud security policies
  • 49% Lack of adequate controls and oversight
  • 43% Too many cloud APIs and interfaces adequately govern
  • 32% Negligent insider behavior
  • 46% Human error in missing critical misconfigurations
  • 45% Human error when remediating critical misconfigurations

IT Security

The use of unprotected devices and failure to provide multi-factor authentication in VPN services may put company data at risk. In addition, having no alternative communication set up and emergency plan is another avenue for breach. IT security teams can operate Antivirus Servers and deploy necessary policies and configurations for the companies they support. But with the increased number of demands, having a back-up support from outsourcing companies will help them adhere to this concern.

Physical Data Security

Due to the remote work environment shift, employees took home work computers and hard copy files which contained confidential or commercially sensitive information from their office buildings to their homes. Other than that, there are others who are using personal computers saving and keeping these confidential data on unprotected devices. This means that the company can no longer provide the same control and restriction on information stored on these devices.

Organizational Security

The absence of daily, physical interaction of employer-employee has resulted in carrying out work-related communications and meetings through unofficial channels using publicly available messaging platforms. This becomes a risk to critical and business-related data due to communications and files being stored on personal devices which, as mentioned earlier, do not contain the adequate security safeguards.

Success Guideline

The right outsourcing partner can help you build a great, high-performing IT team to assist you make the best business decisions. We listed the benefits of outsourcing.

Infinit-O Success Guidelines

Benefits of Outsourcing your IT Services

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Net promoter score helps businesses gauge the quality service the outsourcing company is offering. In a way, this represents the primary capabilities and expertise they provide to their clients through result-based surveys on how much satisfied their clients are in providing IT support services. It also showcases how well the outsourcing partner is performing, how often they resolve technical and IT-related  issues, and if their clients are satisfied with the overall experience from their service. A High Net Promoter Score results in a sense of security and peace of mind for the client.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Although cost savings is not only the sole advantage of outsourcing, it can be a deciding factor, especially if you are running an SMB on a tight budget. A small in-house IT team can cost your team tens of thousands of dollars each year. On the other hand, the cost of outsourced IT tech support can give you as much as 70% cost savings, especially with the right partner. They also have access to world-class talent and their A+ recruitment process ensures that they can build you a great IT team in only 30-45 days.

Benefits of Outsourcing

The right outsourcing IT partner will have resources and experience to adapt to your line of business effectively ensuring efficiency in work output.

  • They can build you a great IT team, train them, and provide the support you need
  • Quality IT companies will bring years of experience in the beginning saving you time and money
  • Ensured key metrics are achieved such as Mean Time to Recover (MTTR) in cases of system/technology downtime, resolution rates, response rates.
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Every business investment has a certain amount of risk. The right partner who is ISO 27001 and 9001 certified, GDPR, HIPAA and DPA20212-compliant gives you the following benefits:

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Outsourcing your IT support services also ensures that they can function 24/7 which means that any problems and issues can be addressed as soon as possible without the need to wait for the regular 8-5 working hours. The right partner promises reliability and seamless troubleshooting procedure that results in practical, cost-effective solutions making your company secure and protected. Lastly, outsourcing ensures an established business continuity plan that secures your company in any occurrences of economic or business crises.

Great Partner, Great Team

Large corporations usually have in-house IT tech support services because they have resources to maintain it, but for small to medium sized businesses, the smarter way is to outsource this department. Why? Because building a fortified IT team is not only costly but it requires knowledge-based experience to keep an in-house IT team operational.

Infinit-O Great Partner Great Team

Cost Comparison per Month:

In-house FTE (full time employee) vs. Infinit-O FTE

Job TitleCost per In-house FTE ($ rate)Cost per Infinit-O FTE
($ rate)
% Savings per Month
Cyber Security Specialist$ 10,198.53$ 2,400.0076%
IT Support Specialist$ 6,684.93$ 1,800.0073%
Cloud Ops Engineer$ 12,920.40$ 4,215.0067%
*All costs are based on estimated rates and typical fully burdened costs.

Cost Comparison per Year:

In-house FTE (full time employee) vs. Infinit-O FTE

Job TitleNo. of team membersEstimated Annual Cost Savings
Cyber Security Specialist1$ 93,582.34
IT Support Specialist1$ 58,619.14
Cloud Ops Engineer1$ 104,464.80
*All costs are based on estimated rates and typical fully burdened costs.

For other roles that you wish to add, our Cost Savings Calculator can help you in projecting potential operational cost reductions.


  1. Cost per full-time employees at Infinit-O dedicated to your company. Estimated total cost (fully-burdened) including total personnel costs, all overheads including workstation, software, and rentals. These are all-in costs, there are no hidden fees and we do not charge separate set-up fees.
  2. After further identifying your business requirements we can adjust the plans, match you to the right talent, and build you a great team that fits according to your evolving business needs and goals.

Cost Savings Calculator

We understand your needs and want to help you actualize your potential by providing ease of access to talent and building you a great team based on your business requirements.

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4 Pillars of Success: People, Process, Technology and Security

A well-established People, Process, Technology, Security (PPTS) Pillars is one sure way to overcome market research and data gathering services for the success of your company.

Know more about Infinit-O’s 4 pillars of success and our secret in building a great, high-performing IT team.

Infinit-O 4 Pillars of Success
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Success Stories

To successfully grow your business and achieve your goals, it starts with proper planning and investing in the right resources. The following companies in the IT industry were able to identify their unique needs and sought help with the right partner who exactly knows how to address their demands. 

We’re sharing this success story of a company who found value in outsourcing IT support. Learn more about their journey and how they were able to achieve their business objectives with the help of the right partner.

Infinit-O has been in the outsourcing industry for 15 years, creating long lasting partnerships and endless opportunities to small and medium businesses across the Healthcare, Finance and Accounting, Research and Development, and Customer Service industries.

Our vision is to help small and medium sized companies to grow and prosper by enabling them to experience the full benefits of partnering with an outsourcing company.

We build great teams for our partners through understanding their unique needs in order to help them achieve their business goals and the vision they have for their company.  We have rendered a strong combination of business consultancy, process optimization, and outsourced services; all utilizing the latest technology to provide excellent value for our clients.

Get to know us more through these channels:

Infinit-O Information Security

We share 15 years of experience in navigating data privacy laws and regulations. We guarantee strict compliance from the best information security practices with up to date cybersecurity certifications because your data is in our care. At Infinit-O, we not only value your business but acknowledge the importance of information security especially in this digital age. To overcome customary challenges and build a better cybersecurity system that ultimately protects and secures data, we are certified and compliant with:

Learn more about the full list of our Information Security bundle in this Whitepaper.

Expect high quality & productivity with a 70% saving on operational costs.

As your business demands shift, so can your Infinit-O team.

Our world-class “A+ Recruiting” process attracts world class talent, with and industry leading retention rate.

Collaborative Service Level Agreement metrics-intensive performance, and open communication.

Have confidence on our >97% client retention rate and 72 NPS Score. ISO 27001 and 9001 certified, GDPR, HIPAA and DPA 2012-compliant.

Infinit-O Key Benefits

Having an extensive and profound expertise in the finance and accounting industry, we’re here to help you build a great Customer Service team for your unique needs and promise the following key benefits:


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