10 Must-Read Blogs on Financial Management

Posted by Infinit Accounting on Mar 30, 2014 7:50:58 PM

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Having sound financial management know-how will help you not only in handling your personal accounting but also allow your business to grow and expand. It includes overseeing financial resources through planning and organization aside from simply keeping accounting books.

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We have gathered 10 must-read blogs on Financial Management that will help you learn more about handling your finances and other techniques about accounting.

1.     CPA Success

If you want to improve and expand your business or simply learn tips from business experts, CPA Success is an excellent resource to go to.

2.     MintLife

MintLife provides fun and practical ways to manage your personal finances. From how to maximize your budget to being more adept in saving, you can count on this blog.

3.     Seth Godin’s Blog

Who doesn’t read Seth Godin? If you don’t, you better. Seth Godin is an author and a public speaker on accounting and marketing. And while you can learn a lot from the books he has written, you can gain a lot of knowledge also from reading his witty remarks on his blog in a more personal and amusing note.

4.     Taxable Talk

Need to be up to date with financial events, legislation and theories? Read news and commentaries straight from Russ Fox, E.A., of Clayton Financial and Tax of Las Vegas, NV & Bethesda, MD.

5.     Dave Ramsey

Sought after financial advisor, Dave Ramsey, shares his knack about how to manage your finances and grow them. He offers workable advices from keeping a doable family budget to being debt-free. Videos of his TV show, budget tools, and Dave’s finance classes are also provided in this website.

6.     ClockWork Accounting

ClockWork Accounting is a good reference for anything accounting-related such as accounting software, accounting services, degrees, etc. So if you need to be up to date accounting-wise, bookmark this website now.

7.     AccMan Pro

With more than 30 years of IT-related finance experience, Dennis Howlett is a reliable resource in this field. In this blog, he shares his knowledge to guide you in growing your business.

8.     Harvard Business School Working Knowledge

This website is a forum where innovative business practices are offered by Harvard faculty themselves. They also discuss known concepts and issues in management practice and provide inspiration for leaders in their respective fields.

9.     Tax Domme

Tax Domme is a blog where your tax proficiency is not intimidated. It gives great advice about tax and other related topics that is understandable by all levels of readers.

10.    Accounting Observer

You may read updated financial current events and other information about accounting from this blog. So if you want to know what’s up in the financial realm, read the Accounting Observer.

Have you been following any of these blogs? If not, you’d better be! We’re looking forward to hearing your experiences from these blogs. You can also share your favorite Financial Management blogs on the comments section below!

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