3 Best Practices for Patient Scheduling

Posted by Infinit-O on Jul 3, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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While Telemedicine has been making strides in the healthcare industry with its time-saving advantages, other patients still prefer physically visiting the doctor. However, that doesn’t mean they can just walk in and wait for a vacant time to explain their symptoms.

This is where you as a healthcare provider can use patient scheduling, or otherwise called appointment setting. Many of your patients are quite adept in using the internet or mobile apps, so it would be beneficial for them (and for you) to have an online appointment setting system in place.

To create an effective online patient scheduling system, we should all remember some of the best practices other providers have put in place. Here are the 3 best practices you might take into consideration.

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Automated Patient Reminders

Dreading no-shows? Use an automated approach in reaching out to remind your patients by calling or texting them before their appointment.

Prioritize Appointments using Triage

More often than not, some appointments are not as urgent as others, or you may simply be looking an overbooked calendar. Many issues, such as clarifying symptoms or medicine verification, can be settled via phone call or email triage. Using this best practice can help a provider spend his/her time most valuably.

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Use Data, Gain Valuable Insights

When you’re scheduling appointments, you immediately access patient information and data that can help your healthcare business improve. Use this data to understand the situation and gain efficiencies as you prepare for consultation and treatment. 

Hopefully, one or more of these best practices will be of value to your healthcare business. A healthcare solutions partner can greatly assist your company in the scheduling and reminder process —and because so many time a personalized approach is required, many patients still prefer this human method to complement any automated processes.

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