5 Free Business Assessment Tools for Start-ups

Posted by Outsourcing Insider on Oct 30, 2017 1:13:25 AM

One simple fact about today’s business landscape is organizations must utilize and capitalize technology. There is a multitude of amazing technology out there today that start-ups can use in order to aid their journey into becoming a feasible venture. The best part about this technology is they come in the form of online tools that come absolutely free of charge and are extremely easy to integrate into any business infrastructure. If you are a startup organization looking for the best free business assessment tools, this is a list that you may be interested in. Here are 5 business assessment tools to look out for.

1. Startup Stash is an amazing resource website that is a curated directory of tools that aid individuals build their startup ventures. From small to large startup business ventures, this online resource provides many essential business solutions such as marketing tools and productivity tips to name a few. Startup Stash is also a great hosting resource for startup websites. Individuals looking for a reputable hosting source can easily use this website to access some of the greatest hosting platforms available today such as:

  • BladeWP
  • Rackspace
  • Commando IO
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Heroku
  • Digital Ocean

In addition to hosting, Startup Stash is a complete resource provider that offers free tools that startup ventures can utilize such as customer support, market research, collaboration and communication, product demo, and analytics among others. This website is truly a useful destination for any resource that your startup needs.

2. Content Idea Generator is a non-profit tool is the quintessential marketing tool that your business startup can use to create more awareness about your products or services. For any startup business, marketing your products or services really boils down to providing proper content that potential consumers will pay attention to. The problem is creating unique and original content is truly a challenge for many people, especially those who are new to creating web content. Content Idea Generator is a source of where to get content ideas for any product or service. This website is extremely easy-to-use as you simply type in a keyword and press “Go” and the website will generate a series of titles for potential articles or blog posts. These titles may just aid your startup business into creating unique and clever web content that may garner a substantial amount of attention from potential consumers or followers.

3. SumoMe

In order for any business to generate income in today’s interconnected world, it must receive high volumes of online traffic. SumoMe is an online collection of tools that allow existing websites to substantially expand their online traffic. Much like an online app store, this website allows your business to grow by expanding your email listings and driving traffic to your specific web content. It also allows you to analyze critical performance metrics in real-time. Some of the vastly used online resources provided by SumoMe are:

  • WordPress
  • SquareSpace
  • Shopify
  • Weebly
  • Tumblr
  • Blogger

4. Typeform

As a large chunk of shopping is done online today, the success of most businesses is measured by the amount of online transactions that they garner. Typeform is a free online business tool that allows your business to efficiently gather information from clients to build its customer base. This online tool also offers a multitude of templates where you can create forms and surveys that you can give to your consumers in order to offer better products and services. The business world today is continuously becoming more and more competitive with people constantly creating new and better products/services. Regularly surveying you consumers on your products is a great way of remaining competitive. Typeform achieves this in an extremely easy manner.

5. Infinit-O Outsourcing Tools

Among most free business assessment tools for startups looking to outsource today, Infinit-O Outsourcing Tools may just be Pandora’s Box for achieving success as a new business venture. This application provides you with all the resources that you need to plan an efficient supply chain system. It also solves the riddle that most outsourcing organizations have been baffled with for years: revenue generation and cost reduction. With its Return on Investment (ROI) Tool, Infinit-O provides your organization with the means to:

  • Determine Outsourcing Goals
  • Assess the Possible Benefits of Outsourcing
  • Estimate the Financial Impact of Outsourcing

With more than a decade of providing the best Outsourced Service Delivery Models  in the Philippines, Infinit-O has successfully partnered with many organizations that have since attained financial success in their respective industries. These organizations belong to major industries that have provided substantially for the country’s economy such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Contact Center
  • Data and Research

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