6 Outsourcing Trends Going Cold in 2017

Posted by Infinit-O on Dec 26, 2017 3:53:30 PM

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It is certainly not a secret that a good chunk of the top business organizations in the world have outsourcing to thank for their success. Globally, outsourcing has been an accepted business solution for organizations looking to better their customer service, supply chain processes, and information technology to name a few. Speaking of technology, it is constantly evolving, especially in outsourcing where trends are appearing and disappearing with regularity. It seems that today’s outsourcing trend could easily be yesterday’s fad at a blink of an eye due to the industry’s ever-changing landscape. As the year is ending, here are outsourcing trends going cold for 2017.

Outsourcing vendors are no longer considered as just vendors

Some of the key considerations business organizations have to make when outsourcing business practices off-shore really deals with whether the vendor can enhance business value. The world is indeed becoming more and more intelligent and vendors overseas are now more capable than ever at becoming actual partners at running an existing business. Long gone are the days that outsourcing companies in the Philippines and India are considered business soldiers for multi-national organizations. These days, outsourcing vendors specialize in information technology, customer service, supply chain management that are comparable to first world providers. As an existing business, your organization should truly partner with these vendors as opposed to merely employing them.

Underestimating cost and complexity of managing relationships with outsourced partners

Another outsourcing trend going cold this year is business organizations no longer underestimate how to build and manage relationships with outsourcing vendors. It seems that most organizations that outsource their customers service, IT, and supply chain processes now know realize that it takes a great deal of time, money, and talent to effectively manage outsourced functions. Companies today invest in over-seeing the partnership for the long term by actually sending representatives abroad to help manage the partnership. These individuals study the cultural differences and business trends abroad and strategize how to utilize it in order to produce best business practices that yield profitability and sustainability. They also establish dedicated teams to ensure compliance and adherence to agreed-upon service levels.

Going cheap

Outsourcing has become common ground for many small to big businesses today and most organizations are aware of the challenges in off-shoring their activities. One outsourcing trend that most businesses followed in the past was going cheap. Most business organizations outsourcing their customer service, IT, and supply chain processes tended to prefer hiring the cheaper outsourcing vendors to keep costs low and to potentially increase profit margins. Many outsourcing providers that offer extremely cheap rates are often unable to provide high quality work. This results in the business having to spend more money on fixing mistakes and quality of their outsourced products and services. Today, organizations realize that in order to secure high quality work, they must be willing to spend more in order to receive more.

Outsourcing information technology offshore

As technology is rapidly advancing at a scary pace, most businesses now are shifting from off-shoring their IT services to partnering with local expert IT providers. These providers are adept at keeping up with current technology and use it to increase productivity and efficiency in workplace. Additionally, partnering with local IT providers comes with numerous benefits such as instant system updates, improved customer service, and infrastructure security to state a few.

Utilization of cloud technology

As cloud technology has been being used by many businesses over the past years to store information and improve business practices, this technology is set to be replaced by a more advanced technology known as the Hybrid Cloud. This new hybrid technology is a vast improvement of the previous cloud technology as it utilizes both public and private clouds to dramatically enhance an organization’s many business functions. With a public cloud service, an organization can conduct its non-sensitive operations and use the private cloud service to conduct their private practices safely and securely.

Traditional contact centers

Many experts agree that traditional contact centers will experience a change by 2018 as the rise of the Virtual Agent is presently being incorporated into many organizations’ customer service solutions. Virtual agents have the potential to bring about what is known as “High-Tech Call Centers”, which utilize virtual agents such as chatbots to conduct customer service. These chatbots significantly improves an organization’s customer service because they operate round the clock at helping solve customer queries while allowing employees to focus on more important tasks.

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