6 Ways Outsourced Telehealth Support Improves Patient Experience

Posted by Infinit-O on Jan 4, 2019 7:00:00 PM

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6 Ways Outsourced Telehealth Support Improves Patient Experience

Today’s technology is empowering how patients, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists experience healthcare. These technological developments fall under the telehealth field, which covers everything from telemedicine to other related services such as telenursing and telepharmacy. Regardless of the service needed—whether a consult or prescription—patients conveniently access these through smart devices such as laptops and smartphones. The physical distance is crossed with the quick, real-time access of a virtual one.

One big advantage of telehealth is lower readmission rates and reduced costs. This results in higher patient satisfaction and loyalty, assuring your healthcare company a steady client base, positive reputation, and higher profit. However, managing a telehealth system demands the expertise of IT staff, data analysts, and an infrastructure that may be too expensive for your company. Thankfully outsourced telehealth support is available to help transition your hospital into the convenience and benefits of this technology. Here are a few ways outsourcing will help in improving your patients’ experience.
1. Satisfy a Patient’s Default Demand

The Harris Poll (by American Well) reports that 65 percent of patients prefer to consult their primary care provider (PCP) via video. It increases at 74 percent for parents with kids below 18 years old. Another 20 percent states that they’d choose a PCP who offers virtual services. Patients benefit more from telehealth compared to traditional, face-to-face hospital visits. Harvard Medical School research reports that patients spend 121 minutes & $43 on a doctor visit. Out of those 121 minutes, 37 are for travel, an hour just for waiting, and only 20 minutes left for the actual consult. With less time spent lingering and more for the consultation itself, your patients will have a positive reaction to your service and recommend it to their networks.

2. Empower Patients With Knowledge

One study reports that patients are seeking personalized information on their treatment recommendations and health conditions. The participants indicated that having more information will help them better understand their treatment plan and increase compliance. An outsourced telehealth support service enables a faster, more efficient transfer of information between doctors and patients. The outsourced team can worry about how and at what rate the data is delivered, while your doctors, nurses, and pharmacists can focus on delivering an accurate and personalized service for these patients.

3. Address the Needs of Your Most Frequent Patients

The most frequent users of healthcare services are the elderly and patients in nursing homes. Giving these individuals access to telehealth improves their patient care and enables the frequent medical care these individuals require. Patients with limited mobility won’t have to worry about traveling and constantly accessing an ambulance for visits to specialists.

4. Increased Patient Access

Telehealth services expand your services to patients outside our area. Individuals living in farther outlying areas can have regular consultations and sustained follow up check ups without the distance getting in the way. As a result, more patients know and enjoy your healthcare services. At the same time, your company expands its market and drives higher profit in the long-run.

5. An Expanded List of Specialists

Your company can also expand its physician list to specialists available in other areas. Your current area may not have specialists in certain areas, but telemedicine connects patients with physicians in other cities. Your patients end up having access to physicians that would otherwise be unavailable without telemedicine.

6. Improved Training Access

Patients improve alongside their physicians and nurses. Giving your medical staff access to conferences via video expands their knowledge and allows them to provide better healthcare customer care solutions. You could even provide physicians and medical students to recorded surgeries so that they can learn new procedures and their corresponding techniques.

All these healthcare customer care solutions are more affordable and streamlined with an outsourcing company. Your healthcare business need not worry about spending so much on telehealth equipment and training staff to keep up with the times. You stay within your budget and get the same experience with a reliable, experienced outsourcing company. Look no further than Infinit-O, an offshore healthcare business solutions provider that promises both quality patient care and financial success. Infinit-O’s other healthcare solutions include healthcare application development and data analytics. Start exploring the future with healthcare and talk to Infinit-O today.

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