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Healthcare is one of the most demanding industries out there. Every staff member must work as efficient and effective as possible in order to ensure the patients’ health and well-being. In the last few decades, health informatics has helped in driving better results and sustainable healthcare for patients. Health informatics combines computer technology, informational science, and healthcare to keep up with the demands and constant changes in medicine. It all began with introducing computers to keep patient records. Since then, health informatics has become a source of important statistical information such as medicine distribution and monitoring patient progress. 

The integration of informatics in healthcare has improved the effectiveness of medical services and increased the healthcare delivery quality provided. Patients enjoy a higher diagnostic accuracy. Patient information is better managed among clinicians, insurers, and healthcare providers.

Technology, just like medicine, is developing at a rapid pace. Hospitals and clinic resources are better spent on improving facilities and training their in-house staff. How then does a healthcare company invest in health informatics without overspending?

The Advantage of Health Informatics Outsourcing

Many healthcare organizations solve this issue through health informatics outsourcing. There are several good reasons for this strategic business solution. The most obvious would be reducing and managing the organization’s operating costs. Outsourcing companies charge according to the number of services rendered, so you’re free to add or remove according to the informatics resources needed. Your company also gains access to world-class capabilities at a fraction of an in-house price.

Your company’s focus also improves by taking advantage of health informatics outsourcing. Since all the tech work is left to the experts, your doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are focused only on providing quality health care. At the same time, your other internal resources are given more space for other reasons related to your primary services. An outsourcing partner also gives you the required skill sets to keep up with technology.  

Health Informatics: Categories

Here are the health informatics solutions you can outsource to a reliable and experienced company.

1.    Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems Management

A staple in any healthcare practice, EMR systems store digital versions of the written patient histories and charts. Doctors can easily pull up a patient’s record on the next visit and go through their history before making an accurate diagnosis.  Having a ready-record of such crucial information also alerts doctors of when patients need preventive procedures screenings. EMRs are kept within one office and can only be accessed from one source.

2.    Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems Management

EHR systems are larger and broader than an EMR system. EHRs cover all crucial aspects of patient care: treatments, diagnoses, history, medications, test results, X-rays, and all other relevant healthcare information. Patient data in EHRs can be shared between physicians. This is helpful for referrals or whenever a patient’s condition requires assessment from several doctors of different specializations.

3.    Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

This health informatics category is especially helpful among large and very busy hospitals. Your healthcare company would employ a medical billing software that automates both billing and filing insurance claims. The software will alert your company of any problems like delayed payments or insurance issues. The immediate turnaround time and quick alerts allow your staff or the outsourced company to address the delayed issues.

4.    Laboratory Information Management Systems

Doctors require patients to undergo several tests to make an accurate diagnosis and to recommend the best treatment. The information management system automates data received from the different instruments. It also immediately stores, processes, and prepares the information for the doctor's diagnosis.

5.    Security

All medical records must adhere to the HIPAA that requires healthcare companies to ensure absolute security for all confidential patient information. This has to be done without physicians and other healthcare staff losing immediate access to these records. A capable outsourcing company will ensure IT and patient data security and keep your system updated using the latest technologies.

6.    Scheduling

An outsourcing company can integrate a helpful scheduling software into your system. Patients would be provided with a personal account in which they can schedule appointments. They no longer have to call and can conveniently use their smartphones to book a consultation whenever it’s convenient.

Look no further than Infinit-O, who can provide both the expertise and technology on health informatics outsourcing. Our core healthcare services also include claims processing, data analytics, healthcare application support, and business process management. We also offer healthcare support solutions to streamline your operational processes and enhance patient satisfaction. Talk to us today and find out how outsourcing can change your patients’ and physicians’ lives.


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