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Home Healthcare Outsourcing

What is Home Healthcare?

Most people interchange home care with home healthcare. Though both of them have a home setting, their primary difference is that the former utilizes non-clinical services provided by home care aides, while the latter focuses on clinical care provided by a registered nurse, physical therapist, and other skilled medical professionals. Home healthcare delivers a wide range of solutions, such as skilled nursing, occupational therapy, personal care, and hospice services.

This 2018, the National Health Expenditures (NHE) for home healthcare in the United States will cost almost $103 billion and is expected to reach nearly $173 billion by 2026, based on analysis from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Office of the Actuary, National Health Statistic Group.

Home Healthcare Support

In the rapidly evolving home healthcare industry, how do you keep operating costs at a minimum, build your brand loyalty, and create memorable customer experience? As a home healthcare provider, outsourcing healthcare solutions can significantly enhance your revenue cycle management (RCM) capability and meet your value-based customer service requirements.

The best way forward is to outsource your non-core competencies to a trusted outsourcing expert so your in-house staff can focus more on delivering excellent patient care. Outsourcing offers operational advantages, such as reducing customer churn and patient frustration, which leads to increasing cash flow and total net revenue.

Here are the top home healthcare functions that are more cost-effective when outsourced:

Telemedicine – dubbed as the future of medicine, this uses telecommunications technology to provide clinical services to patients over long distance communication. Healthcare professionals can use websites, emails, mobile phones, and video chat apps to diagnose and treat patients without the need to leave their office, take long travels, or make in-person hospital visits.

Teleradiology – It utilizes advanced graphics processing, voice recognition, and image compression in transmitting patients’ radiological images, such as x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs to qualified professionals online to perform remote reading. It provides remote staff radiology services for hospitals that don’t have staff during graveyard hours, weekends, holidays, and other off hours. It can also provide sub-specialty type readings and emergency analysis.

Medical Coding – This is a challenging task requiring the specialized knowledge and skills of certified coders to ensure your claims are coded correctly. Home healthcare agencies can benefit from medical coding services, which include ICD-10-CM Coding and CPT and HCPCS Level II Coding that keep patient data organized, accurate, complete, and secured. It is a convenient solution to increase the efficiency of your healthcare revenue management cycle.

Medical Billing – This crucial task requires specialized skillset and firm understanding of medical terminology and health coding system. An efficient medical billing process can keep your healthcare business afloat and minimize medical claim denials. Medical billing outsourcing experts can help ensure maximum accuracy from data entry to claims submission for faster payments.

Medical Transcription – This requires holistic training and mastery in medical terminology, anatomy, editing, typing, and grammar. It entails knowledge of medical record types and documentations, as well as the ability to listen to doctors’ dictations and encode simultaneously while utilizing playback controls on the transcriber machine. Accurate medical records are vital for insurance claims, medical researches, and even lawsuits.

Patient Support Services – This offers complete customer-centered solutions that enhance your relationship with patients with focus on giving the best healthcare support experience possible. Dedicated patient support teams are available 24/7 through voice, email, or live chat to create strong loyalty towards your company.

Get the Best Home Healthcare Support You Deserve

Engaging in Home Healthcare Outsourcing in the Philippines isn't an expense, it's a prudent investment. At Infinit-O Global, our suite of outsourced contact center services will enable you to augment your patient care expertise, focus on vital business activities, and reap significant cost savings. We’re located in Manila, which is strategically poised to be the global outsourcing capital. You can count on us to level-up your patient experience by providing consistent service delivery across all touch points 24/7.

When you partner with Infinit-O Global home healthcare support, you know that you will be teaming up with a trusted global services provider. Let us show you how the Infinit Healthcare solutions can put the performance back into your organization. Whether it be medical coding or patient support, our team of professionals offer high-quality services with consistency and efficiency across many sectors.

If you have questions about whether your service provider is the perfect fit for your home healthcare outsourcing needs, we can greatly help. Get in touch with us today.


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