How to Get Routine Tasks off The Desks of Your Top Paid Employees

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How to Get Routine Tasks off The Desks of Your Top Paid Employees | Infinit-O BlogAs your business grows, the routine tasks that need to be completed will also grow. It can be tempting to delegate these tasks to your current employees instead of finding more help. But, this can result in your top paid employees completing routine tasks. There are two main problems with having your top paid employees complete routine tasks. First, you are paying a premium for tasks that can be done by someone else for much less. Second, these routine tasks take up time and can distract your top paid employees from working on higher level tasks. There are a number of ways you can get routine tasks of the desks of your top paid employees: hire more in-house help for routine tasks, bring in temporary help as your labor needs change, and outsource to a high quality agency.

Hire more in-house help for routine tasks

As your business grows, so will the level of work that has to be completed. Many of the routine tasks related to running your business will continue increase as your business expands. For example, as your customer base increases so will the need for customer service and accounting tasks. Even if you expect these additional responsibilities to come with growth it can still be difficult to get them done in the most cost effective manner. It can be tempting to delegate the additional tasks that come with growth to current employees. But, as mentioned above, giving additional tasks to current employees will result in you paying too much for the completion of those tasks. Instead, make an effort to get those tasks off the desks of your top paid employees by hiring less expensive staff. Hire someone with a skillset and pay scale that matches the level of tasks you need completed.  

Bring in temporary help as your labor needs change

The need for additional help does not always happen in fulltime increments. What this means is that you may need more help with routine tasks but not be at the level of needing a new fulltime employee. This is how many employers fall into the trap of delegating lower level tasks to top paid employees. They need help but not enough to justify hiring a fulltime employee. Fortunately, you have other options, one of which is temporary labor. You can bring temporary labor into your business to bridge the gap in your labor needs during times of growth. The benefits of temporary labor are its flexibility and cost effectiveness. A possible disadvantage of this option is that you will have to deal with the higher turnover rate that comes along with temporary labor. The high turnover rate will increase the amount of time you spend training the new temporary labor that comes into your business. Despite the possible disadvantages of using temporary labor you will find that it is still a better option than adding the tasks to the desks of your top paid employees.  

Outsource routine tasks

Another option to help get routine tasks off the desks of your top paid employees is to outsource those tasks. You may be surprised to learn about the variety of tasks that can be handled by a high quality outsourcing agency. A few examples of tasks that can be outsourced include accounting, medical coding, data management, tech support, and customer service. Top notch outsourcing companies employ highly trained people who are qualified to take care of many of your business operating tasks and at a much lower rate than your top paid employees. Outsourcing also provides you with flexibility because you can increase or decrease the amount of services you pay for based on your changing needs. If you want to gain a detailed understanding of the tasks that you can outsource, you can schedule a call with Infinit-O and talk through the specific needs of your business.

The best use of the time and talents of your top paid employees are the tasks for which they are trained and skilled. Allow them to work within their strengths and without the distractions that come with many routine tasks. One of the options mentioned above or some combination of the three will allow you to get the routine tasks completed without paying a premium and distracting your top paid employees.

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