Improving Healthcare through Internet of Medical Things

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Improving Healthcare through Internet of Medical Things

Vitals-tracking wearables, medication adherence tools, portable diagnostic devices, personal emergency response systems, and virtual home assistants – these are just some of the novel technologies made possible through the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). It refers to a connected infrastructure of medical devices and software applications that can communicate with various healthcare IT systems. The global IoT healthcare market is predicted to reach $136.8 billion by 2021.

What are the benefits of IoMT?

IoMT has the potential to greatly improve the healthcare system with the view of ensuring quality patient care, reducing health care costs, and enhancing treatment outcomes. Here are some of the IoMT benefits:

  1. Smart automation – artificial intelligence in medical devices can significantly decrease human errors and avoid fraudulent reporting across hospitals and healthcare facilities. Automated workflows can drive accuracy in patient data collection, reduce system costs, cut down on waste, and produce reliable results.
  1. Precision medicine – IoMT plays a key role in the realization of a practical, scalable approach to precision medicine. It can be used in cancer treatment monitoring, human genome sequencing, genetic screening and counseling, and more. With IoMT, connected medical devices can reach a higher level of precision.
  1. Objective reporting – IoMT devices can record and report on actual activity at the level of the nervous system. Doctors no longer have to rely solely on subjective patient reports of “how they are feeling.” Medical practitioners can now have an objective evaluation of the disease progression and patient therapy efficacy as recorded by integrated medical devices.
  1. Remote monitoring – IoMT promotes real-time data collection, which means doctors can have access to patient records immediately and be alerted during emergency situations. Hospitals with “smart beds” can monitor their patients, ease burdens off nurses, and enable personnel to remotely control the room temperature to improve the healthcare experience.
  1. Local activity recording – IoMT devices have recording capabilities that allow for the collection of vital data that were previously inaccessible. This data can lead to a better understanding of chronic diseases and discovery of new approaches to disease prevention and remediation.
Outsourced Data Protection and Cybersecurity Solutions

Although IoMT is linking different devices together in a new way, it also poses significant risks to cyber vulnerabilities. Moreover, staying up-to-date with the latest technological innovations isn’t easy. 

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