Options for Delegating Additional Tasks that Come with Company Growth

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Options for Delegating Additional Tasks that Come with Company Growth | Infinit-O

As your company grows it will change. New tasks will come up as a result of growth and you may find yourself scrambling to find the people to complete the additional tasks. You cannot predict every new duty that will need completion as your company continues to evolve. But, you can develop a list of options for delegating the additional tasks that come with company growth. If you know the options that are available you can quickly choose the one that is the best fit when a need arises.

Assign additional tasks to current employees

Current employees are an option for delegating the additional tasks that come with company growth. This can be a useful strategy when your growth is incremental. You may have people currently on staff who have the available time and resources to take on more work in their current roles. Delegation to current employees can also work when it is for a limited amount of time. For example, some businesses have projects that come up occasionally that have a start and end date. There may be extra work for only a short amount of time. In this situation, the most cost and time effective option could be to delegate the tasks to current employees. There are two things you want to avoid when delegating to current employees: overloading them with additional work and paying a premium for tasks that can be done by lower paid individuals.

Contract with freelancers

Freelance labor is another option for delegating the additional tasks that come with company growth. You can usually find freelance help relatively quickly which is a major benefit if your company is growing fast. In addition, you can use freelance help on an as-needed or per project basis. This makes freelance labor extremely flexible which is a big plus as your company evolves. A possible issue with using freelancers is that it can be difficult to find people who will complete the work you need within your timeframe.

Bring in temp labor

You can work with a staffing agency to help you find temporary labor as additional tasks arise. Temp staffing agencies have a pool of people who are looking for work. They are often available for flexible hours and timeframes. You can bring in help as you need it with no commitment for long term employment. In addition, if you need more help the agency will put in the work to find you additional options for labor support. Keep in mind that the turnover rate can be high for the temp labor that comes from staffing agencies.

Outsource additional tasks 

There is a wide range of business tasks that you can outsource. They range from basic duties like data entry to more complicated tasks such as accounting. You can remove some of these tasks from other employees to free up their time to complete the additional tasks that come with company growth. Or, you can assign the new tasks that arise to an outsourcing company. Either way, they can help you complete the additional tasks without going to the expense of bringing on new employees. As your needs grow the outsourcing company can expand the team that works for your business. Through outsourcing, you can bring on additional help as needed without it causing a major disruption to your schedule or bottom line.

These are a few of the options you have for delegating the additional tasks that come along with company growth. You may experience a few growing pains as your company changes but there is help available to minimize the pain.

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