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Technology is changing the face and means of healthcare. Thanks to smartphones, data plans, and integrated devices, more individuals can access a medical consultation without having to visit a hospital or pay the extra costs that come with clinical care. But the level up goes beyond virtual or a remote consultation. Invest enough and you can enjoy the perks of personalized patient concierge support. Unlike the traditional hospital visit or telemedicine consult, patient concierge technologies provide everything from medical assistance, appointment setting, and other personalized services through the quick, real time pace of the Internet

One example of patient concierge support is Grand Rounds, a healthcare startup that provides on demand medical concierge technology to the elite and upper middle class. This web-based service connects patients to thousands of specialists across the US. About a thousand of these doctors are in charge of dispensing second opinions in 72 hours.

Think of patient concierge support as the Uber of telemedicine. It levels up the virtual consultation by providing extra attentive, personalized healthcare. Unlike telemedicine, patient concierge services also ensure that the patient’s history and data is uploaded for the doctor to go through before the first consult. Grand Rounds has a Virtual Clinic that contains all the patients’ medical histories, which includes digital and written records, lab tests, and other relevant images. These companies also charge a monthly subscription that includes a variety of medical services for patients to choose from.

If your healthcare company is looking to upgrade its patient concierge services, here are some technologies you can incorporate to move forward:

  1. A Cloud Portal

Healthcare tends to feel depersonalized in a traditional hospital. A significant amount of time is also wasted with the patient going through tests and providing the doctor their medical history. Save your patients time by having them upload their relevant information in a cloud database. This gives doctors access to any information they need to know before the consultation. Context is provided and the doctor can get a head’s start on a diagnosis.

2. Patient’s Monthly Planner

Integrate other apps such as Google calendar to remind them of upcoming consults, therapy sessions, medicine intakes, and other relevant details for their ongoing maintenance. These reminders ensure that the patient complies to the recommended treatment without the doctor or nurse forcing them into the necessary routine. It also reminds them of upcoming appointments that need to be made for complete and compliant treatment.

3. 24/7 Queries

Instant messaging is a necessity in most service apps. Having this in your patient concierge app allows patients to directly contact their physician and have him/her answer questions when needed.

4. Self-tracking technologies

Mobile health apps are found in every smart phone. These can be utilized to track and collect data. Almost three-quarters of doctors say that self-tracking allows for improved patient outcomes. Seventy percent of doctors said that at least one patient shares their health measurement data.

5. Social Media and Other Real Time Interactions

Patients can gain access to their physician’s social media accounts, email, and other real time methods of communication. This gives a better sense of connectivity between the two individuals, adding to the personalized aspect of the patient concierge support.


These are just some of the technologies that can be integrated into your service. Only your imagination can hold you back. If you’re still unsure about integrating technologies to your healthcare, perhaps you can consult with an expert such as Infinit-O. Infinit-O’s healthcare has the expertise and technology to provide high-quality solutions. The result? Optimum business value, cost savings, and raised efficiencies as a result of improved quality patient care. Our assistance in enabling patient concierge support is only a glimpse of our expertise’s benefits. Start looking into patient concierge technologies and talk to Infinit-O today.

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