Leveraging OASIS: Improving Home Healthcare Performance Outcomes

Home healthcare services are sometimes needed to completely treat a patient. These services include things like physical and occupational therapy, special nursing, among other things.

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3 Problems Outsourced Medical Coders Can Solve

Medical coders are vital to the success of your medical practice. They keep your revenue cycle running smoothly by helping reduce or eliminate backlogs and non-payment.

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Improving EHR Services with a Healthcare Solutions Partner

Nowadays, doctors enjoy efficiently taking care of their patients with the help of Electronic Health Records (EHR). What’s not to love? According to, some of the benefits of EHR are:

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Improving the Bottom Line through Hospital Utilization Management

Today’s healthcare institutions are having a hard time maintaining positive operating expenses while leaving room to fund new patient services. If this issue is not quickly addressed, this can lead to a large number of denials from insurance companies, mismanagement of financial resources, and failure to improve patient experience.

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3 Ways to Make Medical Billing Easier

The importance of the medical billing process can be summed up in a few words: inefficient process means you're losing money. So a streamlined medical billing process is vital for your practice's cash flow.

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5 Reasons Why Outsourced Medical Billing is Better than Before

Have you tried partnering with a healthcare solutions company for your medical billing efforts?

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Make the Most of Your Revenue Cycle Management

Efficient revenue cycle management is of utmost importance in healthcare. With new high deductible health plans popping up every day, and the move to value-based reimbursement policies, healthcare providers are finding it more difficult to collect complete payments from patients.

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Medical Claims Processing: Exceeding Expectations

Patients expect excellent service from healthcare institutions, from diagnosing the illness to processing insurance claims.

The main goal to keep your patient happy is to help your patients save time and money, and improve their recovery experience. While medical coders don’t always meet patients face-to-face, they must still provide positive and meaningful encounters in claims processing, from determining basic information to investigating issues.

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How to maintain control over your business by outsourcing your support processes

Here’s a story that you might be familiar with. A healthcare company is working round the clock, delivering the best service for their stakeholders. Day in and day out, the medical transcription team handles hundreds of claims, ensuring that patient information is correct and updated.

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Disrupting Medical Claims Management

The healthcare industry is always evolving, and so should your business. Paying attention to the present-day trends, patients prefer speedy service with claims processes.

Meet your patients’ expectations—disrupt your medical claims processes.

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