The Rising Trend in Mobile Search and How Outsourcing can Help

Posted by Outsourcing Insider on Nov 26, 2017 11:22:03 PM

As most individuals currently own a mobile device, local applications have definitely become an integral part of daily living. Most business organizations today even have to keep up-to-date with the trends in technology by building their own mobile application as more and more consumers seem to prefer communicating through an application instead of calling on the phone or visiting a website. With a mobile application, a business can substantially improve their customer service and reduce costs on many operational practices. Many will even recommend outsourcing mobile applications as it has proven to be more efficient and affordable instead of having an in-house I.T department to handle the development process. For organizations looking to develop a good mobile application, here are some trends to take note of and how outsourcing its development will greatly benefit your organization.

Top 3 Trends in Mobile Application Development

With mobile applications appearing out of the woodwork, startup and existing businesses should really consider developing their own mobile applications that will serve as an ideal platform for providing the best customer service possible. Here are   the top 3 trends in mobile applications that are best suited for customer service.

1. Cloud-based Applications

Cloud-based mobile management is indeed one of the top trends in mobile customer service today. For any organization, business should be the first priority and technology should be a secondary support structure that works to serve the business at the lowest possible cost. With developing a cloud-based mobile application, an organization does not need to pool internal resources to support the application as it is already being handled by individuals such as system engineers and database engineers. Additionally, cloud-based technology allows organizations and their consumers to use only one version of technology where best practices and anything that has worked in the past may be utilized repeatedly.

2. Self-service Mobile Applications

With the capabilities of mobile applications today, consumers are able to control their interactions with companies that they do business with. This means that businesses must be capable of engaging consumers directly in line with consumer expectations to ensure satisfaction and garner long-term loyalty. To ensure that a business is able to achieve these, self-service technology is a platform where organizations can reach their consumers on all channels that include the web, mobile, and voice to name a few. Self-service technology enables consumers to get service anywhere and anytime. It addresses customer preferences and delivers a personalized customer service that is seamless and error-free across all mobile platforms. Organizations will surely reap the benefits of developing self-service customer service technology.

3. Robotic Process Automation

As robotic and cognitive technologies otherwise known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has developed, organizations are able to benefit substantially from implementing this technology. RPA technology is extremely powerful because it provides the tools capable of automating any computer process traditionally performed by human beings. It is technology that easily interacts with most desktop applications, emails, text files, websites, and databases. It even performs tasks efficiently and more consistently around the clock to produce higher quality results. The best part about integrating this technology in a business infrastructure is it affordable in cost and allows employees to concentrate on more important business practices that will provide a better over-all customer experience to consumers.   

Why Outsourcing Mobile Application Development is a Great Idea

For those who currently do not have the financial resources to establish an in-house I.T department to develop a mobile application, outsourcing your mobile application development is a very viable decision that will definitely result in your company being able to provide the best customer service possible. Here are a few reasons that will prove why.

  • Application development teams know how build apps that target specific audiences.

For a business to survive and even thrive in its marketplace, it must be able to attract a vast target audience. Outsourcing your mobile application development enables collaboration with experts that know how to develop an application that offers functionality and user-friendliness that ensure a better customer experience. This will translate into more sales and more loyal customers.

  • Development teams have a technically broad skillset.

Application developers are individuals specializing in skills such as:

  1. Project management
  2. Software engineering
  3. Interface designing
  4. Customizing mobile app development
  5. Strong understanding of coding and domain
  6. Updating current technology
  • Outsourcing application development ensures ROI

Many organizations that outsource their application development are often able to gain a rapid return on investment with their app development. The simple reasons are they avoid having to spend on maintenance of software as well as regularly updating the app to keep up-to-date with current technological trends.

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