Top 3 Advantages of Healthcare Informatics in the Modern Age

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Top 3 Advantages of Healthcare Informatics in the Modern Age

Truth be told, we are now in the era where technology is one of the most essential tools in the society. This significant transformation has led people to innovate even further. And to date, these innovations are now taking over the healthcare industry in ensuring the delivery of high-quality patient care.

The professional practice of studying, acquiring, and managing health data, also known as Healthcare Informatics is dramatically changing the game in the healthcare landscape. This ingenious shift has excellently widened the spectrum in Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and health data analytics systems. The process also utilizes information technology to improve healthcare delivery results. This technology-driven field in healthcare is growing rapidly that it has various online and on-campus certificate and degree programs.

Healthcare Informatics is also a field where information from various sciences are explored and analyzed for further studies in the industry. It caters in identifying current trends in the medical field that can be used in various health conditions and improving care processes for patients. It also assists in improving quality patient care by providing accurate information from patients’ data to reduce errors in the care delivery.

In your current healthcare business, innovation is key. And to further discuss the importance of this breakthrough, here are the 3 advantages of Healthcare Informatics in the modern age of healthcare:

1. Cost Reduction

Medical errors costs a lot in the business. Each year, about $136 billion takes over error costs in the United States. However, technologies like Computer Provider Order Entry Systems (CPOE) or Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) are programmed to detect medical errors specifically in duplication, mismatches, and allergies of patients based on their data, causing huge cost-reduction for healthcare companies through Healthcare Informatics. These significant changes in the healthcare landscape essentially needs the assistance of the right people with the right technical skills in delivering high-quality patient care. These innovative processes will help your business grow successfully and strengthen patient satisfaction and loyalty.

2. Comprehensive Maintenance of Electronic Patient Records

Managing patients’ health records equates to a lot of manpower work, especially when a company still uses paper-based transactions. Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are the latest versions of these manual processes, making management of patients’ records faster and easier. Summarization of patients’ medical conditions in the past are already within the system, resulting to a more accurate record in each transaction. The right medical treatment is also given to the patient in a timely manner because of the system’s swift operations in generating information.

3. Patient Empowerment

Patients who can easily access their personal health record in the past thru the electronic system are most likely to be empowered in taking care of their health. Having the information they need about their condition provides them with preventive care routines. This systematic process also allows patients to reach out to the right healthcare professional, resulting to a faster transaction on both ends.

These innovations taking over the healthcare industry creates a wide array of possibilities in the medical field. This systematized process encapsulates everything from electronic access to patients’ data, less trial and error operations, reduced cost in the business, and high quality care delivery.

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