Top 3 Tech Trends in the Telehealth Industry

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Top 3 Tech Trends in the Telehealth Industry 

Delivering quality patient care is quite fulfilling especially when healthcare providers are more personal and connected with their patients. However, this connection does not happen all the time. Some patients do not have the luxury of time, or even have the strength, to go to a hospital to properly be treated. Telehealth then enters this medical scenario.

Telehealth is the remote delivery of healthcare services utilizing telecommunications technology. This practice encompasses a wider spectrum in terms of technology and delivery of virtual education, medical, and healthcare services. Telehealth is divided into 4 types mainly: Video Conferencing, Store and Forward, Remote Patient Monitoring, Mobile Health/Wellness. These solutions widely contribute to the innovative ways on how healthcare providers deliver quality patient care.

Knowing the latest medical technologies used in the modern healthcare infrastructure is essential to a company’s success. Here are the Top 3 Tech Trends in the Telehealth Industry which may be of interest:

1. Telehealth Emergence in Rural Areas

A lack of specialized medical facilities in certain areas can be challenging for both patients and healthcare providers. According to the North Carolina Rural Health Research and Policy Analysis Center, some hospitals in these rural communities have been closing their operations due to insufficient funds for maintaining facilities and new clinical equipment. Telehealth helps cut down the cost of patient readmissions by mounting remote monitoring programs and having remote specialists available for medical consultation. Outsourcing these tasks to highly-skilled professionals could transform your business operations into an even better, more efficient, healthcare delivery.

2. Assistance on Mental Health
Access to a 24/7 mental health service is a huge advantage for patients who need to be treated by a specialist at a short amount of time. This calls for the importance of Telepsychiatry which allows psychiatrists to properly provide quality mental health care thru live and interactive communication for patients (i.e. videoconferencing). Images and videos are also sent to the psychiatrist to further monitor the patient’s recovery. Outsourcing assistance on mental health can also help healthcare providers focus on delivering quality care for other patients.
3. Emergency Care Support

During an emergency medical situation, it is important for a healthcare provider to treat a patient as soon as possible. However, timeliness is not always possible. Some reasons may include the distance of a nearby hospital, long waiting time due to high volume of patients coming in, and shortage of hospital staff.

Telehealth remotely connect patients to healthcare providers to better give them the care they need in certain emergencies. They may decide whether the patient needs to take a trip to the emergency room or be remotely treated under the assistance of a licensed physician instead, virtually. Partnering with an outsourcing company that specializes in Telehealth can essentially assist you in these emergency situations.

It is essential for a Home Healthcare business owner like you to know these trends to keep up with the needs of your patients. However, encapsulating all these vital solutions in your current healthcare operations can be tedious, and costly. Fortunately, with the right outsourcing partner, your company will be on the right track.

Outsourcing elements of your Home Health  business operations can reduce the burden of having to do all the work internally. Infinit-O ensures that your business is in good hands. Our in-depth expertise in Telehealth, RCM, Recruiting and other Home Health business processes has been demonstrated around the globe. We give emphasis to the quality we put in our work, evident in our Six Sigma, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2005 certifications as well as HIPPAA compliance.

Our customized, quality-based solutions are built to exceed our clients’ expectations, at a fraction of the cost of an in-house staff. We also provide a wide array of outsourcing solutions in Healthcare, Contact Center, Finance & Accounting, and Data & Research.

Help us help you in your overall healthcare-related outsourcing requirements in your business.

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