What is the Most Effective Way to Bring on New Staff?

Posted by Infinit-O on May 7, 2018 12:05:17 AM

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What is the Most Effective Way to Bring on New Staff? | Infinit-O

The most effective way to bring on new staff is dependent upon your needs. You should consider what type of hire you need to make in order to determine the appropriate avenue for hiring. There are three common areas where business owners may need additional help: areas of core competencies, areas outside of core competencies, and with routine but necessary business tasks.

Help in areas of core competencies

When your company needs help in an area of core competency you should take your time finding the best fit. Efficiency in finding this new staff member should not be your top concern. A hire in an area of core competency will likely work in-house and should be looking for long term employment. The most effective way to start looking for this type of new staff is by considering your current staff. Do you have someone who has proven themselves in another position and is ready to be promoted? The next step would be to reach out to your connections in the industry to see if you already know a qualified candidate. If these two steps do not result in a hire then you must move on to the traditional process of posting the position and waiting for applications to come in. When you start the interview process be sure and take your time. Do not hesitate to conduct several rounds of interviews. This person is going to be an integral part of your company so you should take your time and make the most informed decision possible.

Help in areas outside of your core competencies

There are several areas of your business that are important but fall outside of your core competencies. No matter what type of business you own, accounting is an essential part of success. Social media, customer support, and data management are other areas that are common across a variety of industries. You cannot ignore these elements and expect to continue growing your business. Instead, you need to allow someone with the appropriate training and experience to handle these important tasks for you. You can hire several full time staff members to complete these tasks but that is not typically the most effective option for small businesses. If your business is not in the place to bring on an accounting department or social media specialists then you should consider outsourcing. A high quality outsourcing agency can provide you with professional help in the areas mentioned here and several others.

Help with routine but necessary tasks

Every business has routine but necessary tasks that have to be completed to insure success. You have a few different options for getting those tasks done. If you have additional routine tasks that only need to be completed for a small amount of time then temporary labor could be an effective option. Staffing agencies generally have a pool of temporary labor available that can handle routine business tasks on an as-needed basis. For more ongoing tasks you can look into the option of hiring part time labor. This is a cost effective option because you do not pay the same rates for part time labor as you do for full time labor. Outsourcing is an option that can provide you with all the benefits of using temporary labor and part time help. You only pay for the work you need done when you choose outsourcing. In addition, you can get more help as you need it because the outsourcing company handles the necessary hiring and training. Any of these three options can be effective ways to get the help you need on routine but necessary business tasks.

Getting the labor support you need for your business is an essential element of success. Your options and methods for bringing on new staff will likely evolve as your business changes. The most effective options are the ones that can evolve with your business and offer you the widest range of options.

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