4 Tips to Reduce Threats to Your Company's Web and Data Security

Posted by Infinit-O on Feb 8, 2019 8:00:00 AM

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4 Tips to Reduce Threats to Your Company's Web and Data Security

In today’s digital age, almost all successful organizations rely heavily on data. Data transfer, storage, and data collection all play integral roles in allowing businesses to earn profit and maintain solid working relationships with suppliers and affiliates. Data also heavily impacts most organizations as most social, governmental, and economic activities are carried out online. This information has the potential to dictate the flow of life of any organization. This is why if your company is looking to thrive in its specific industry, now is the time to be vigilant about web and data security.
As the world is more interconnected than ever through technological innovations such as cloud services and the Internet of Things, your organization should consider addressing its web and data security immediately. If it relies heavily on data to spark innovation, gain competitive advantages, and nurture growth among others, reducing threats to your web and data security is of paramount importance. To protect the life-source of your organization, here are 4 tips that will effectively protect your company’s web and data security.

1. Complicating Password Utilization

One undisputed fact about cyber-security threats is they do not discriminate who they victimize. In fact, large and publicly traded corporations are not the only organizations that have to deal with cyber-attacks as even small to mid-market companies have been targeted by these threats. In order to protect your organization from cyber-attacks, each employee from low-level to upper-management should be sophisticated in how they utilize passwords to access and transmit data. Many cyber-security experts recommend using a 2-step authentication/verification method that employees can use to log-in online. This method is an additional security feature that you have installed in your company’s online website via your IT security provider. This is important because if a hacker is able to gain access to passwords, this feature acts as a secondary security measure that will further protect your online systems. Additionally, your employees should be crafty about not using the same password on every account to ensure total online security.

2. Keeping Up-to-Date with Your System’s Software

With the constant evolution of cyber-threats today, most companies are actually ill-equipped to handle an attack as it happens. Protecting web and data security should be one of your top priorities. This requires an all-hands-on-deck approach where each of your employees should be trained how to update security software on their respective computers and mobile devices. One lesser known fact about these updates is they are created to fix a known attack that hackers previously utilized to steal data. This is why it is extremely essential to keep updating your systems as well as third-party applications that may be used to improve online exposure and streamline business operations. Among these third-party applications include:

  • Adobe
  • PDF
  • Microsoft Office
  • Java

3. Managing How Data is Collected

Most organizations today are unable to efficiently manage the way they store data. Many are content at simply storing as much information as they can on their customers, suppliers, and affiliates for prolonged periods of time. To ensure optimal web and data security, your company should consider minimizing data that is collected. Ensure that only the required data is collected for legitimate business purposes and that the information is only stored for as long as necessary.

4. Considering Data Security Outsourcing

Most online systems are so complex because they contain multiple levels that hackers use to steal information. It is critical to shut down each opportunity for hackers to exploit your servers, workstations, and P.O.S terminals by maintaining real-time inventory on all end points and servers. Keeping inventory is definitely no easy task, which is why you may need to consider partnering with a data security outsourcing provider, which is an extremely effective strategy in protecting all levels of your company’s infrastructure at all times. Partnering with such dedicated cyber-security experts comes complete with numerous advantages such as instant access to up-to-date security solutions, reduced costs, and all-day service among others.

Ensuring your organization’s web and data security is a task that you should consider using a data security outsourcing provider as they are equipped with instant access to comprehensive security solutions. These solutions will work to maintain real-time inventory on all end-points and servers that contain your company’s web and data information. For more on ITO or other IT Outsourcing services, look no further than Infinit-O Global, an offshore customized business solutions provider that promises both quality services and financial success. Talk to us today to find out how we can help your business grow.

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