Driving Customer Loyalty through Brand Promise Consistency

Posted by Infinit-O on Apr 17, 2018 4:52:35 AM

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Customer Loyalty through Brand Promise

What’s Your Brand Promise Worth?

Whoa, that’s the million dollar business question, isn’t it? If your company hopes to remain competitive, you'll need to continue converting leads and keeping customers loyal. You need to discover how to turn customers into brand advocates.

In essence, the brand promise defines the whole business. It builds and inspires an emotional connection between your company and your clients. A compelling brand promise creates strong and meaningful relations with people. Thus, delivering a consistent brand promise leads to customer loyalty that results to higher profitability.

Does Your Customer Experience Align with Your Brand Promise?

The brand promise is a strategic tool that inspires everyone in your company to be accountable for providing a consistent quality brand experience that engages your clients. It's a covenant that you make with your customers. Hence, it’s important to understand how well your customer experience aligns with your brand promise.

When accomplished consistently, the brand promise creates brand value, which begets consumer trust for your products and services. However, when your brand promise, customer expectation, and service execution are not properly aligned, disengagement can occur and devalue your brand. Here are important insights on how to maintain your customer loyalty via brand consistency:

Purposeful Brand Education

Educating everyone in your organization on the significant purpose of a consistent brand experience is key to ensuring that your company keeps its commitments to your customers across all touchpoints. Your customer service representatives mirror your business and create lasting impression on your clients. Unfortunately, many of them don’t even know what their company is promising. When they understand your brand promise and their vital role in fulfilling that commitment, they become motivated to provide excellent customer experience.

Your brand messaging needs to be aligned both internally and externally. When your brand is aligned internally, your executives, employees, and partners gain clear understanding of your brand and commit to the promise you make. When your brand is aligned externally, your customers learn to appreciate the promise you’re offering and begin to patronize your brand.

Positive Brand Recognition

Giving your clients a consistent excellent experience leads to a positive brand recognition. If your brand remains true to your promise, customers will instinctively think and look for your product or service every time they have a need to fulfill. They can become your staunch promoters and come back for more.

An indicator of great success is when your brand gains instant positive recognition and becomes a generic name or standard in a specific industry. Take for instance Google, which has become synonymous with search engine. This can only happen when your brand consistently delivers positive experiences to customers. Brand promise consistency affords great leverage that automatically reminds people to consider your business top-of-mind to meet their needs.

Strong Brand Dependence

Keeping your brand promise creates a deep attachment between your business and your consumers. When clients realize your products and services as dependable, they naturally form a strong emotional bond with your brand. When people gain affinity with your brand, it means your business is trustworthy.

Brand dependence is a reliable predictor of consumer behavior. Remaining consistent with your brand can build clients’ trust and confidence in the quality standards of your products and services. Customers become hooked and depend on you to meet their expectations over and over again. This brand confidence can inspire them to act as brand ambassadors and refer relatives, friends, and acquaintances to your business.

High Brand Equity

Building a high premium equity for your brand depends on consumer perception and how much recognition your brand has when compared with others. You can increase brand equity for your products and services by making them memorable and providing superior quality and reliability.

Brand equity is a key indicator of your company’s performance and market strength. Effective marketing campaigns coupled with efficient customer service can greatly enhance brand equity. If your company has a high brand equity, customers would be more willing to pay your price and engage with your services in order to enjoy the best value that you’re offering, instead of settling with affordable but unreliable brands in the market. Consistency can help your brand build equity, expand your customer base, and build lasting relationships with them.

Engaging contact center outsourcing solutions from a trusted customer service management expert can help you to consistently deliver on your brand promise to achieve success.

At Infinit-O Global, our brand promise is to provide customized, quality-based solutions that consistently delight our clients. We place such high importance to our performance commitments that we guarantee our work. If you’re interested in growing your business, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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