How Your Company can Stay Productive During the Disruptive Holidays

Posted by Infinit-O on Dec 13, 2019 6:00:00 AM

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Infinit-O Holiday Disruption

Companies must embrace the holidays and understand that the period between Thanksgiving and New Year, the in-house staff may be physically present but their minds are traveling elsewhere. The holidays are the busiest months in any company’s calendar, but productivity could be decreased while consumer demands increase. This puts your business on the edge as you try to balance respecting your staff’s personal time with their families and keeping the company afloat. 

Ultimate Guide To Reducing Costs Through Outsourcing

One good business decision is to outsource several tasks throughout the year, and not just during the holiday season. This way, even when your staff goes on paid time off or may at least work remotely, your company still keeps working efficiently with a team of specialists that take on specific tasks. 

Infinit-O outsourcing

Moving Forward with Outsourcing

Let’s take the example of a transportation management company that crosses over North America throughout the year. One of their goals is to improve the efficiency of tracking and monitoring shipments across the continent in various offline and online channels. However, due to a high price job market, it was difficult for them to find the right in-house team. They considered outsourcing as a way to help them find the right specialists, and they partnered with Infinit-O.

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Infinit-O built a team of highly trained data analysts that track transactions and monitor customer shipments through chat, email and web tracking. They also make sure that freight invoices from different carriers are organized in a database for accounting purposes. Due to their efficient tracking and monitoring strategies, there able to help the transportation company to track each shipment with minimal errors to no errors (98-100% accuracy rate). This has led the company to focus on their core business, even during the busy holiday season, while their Infinit-O team works to keep the company moving along their path to growth and success.

Infinit-O Holiday Outsourcing Blog

Think Beyond the Holiday Season

It can be challenging to run your business during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, but with outsourcing, you’ll be able to achieve the following results all year round and especially during the holidays:

  • Cost reduction —  When you partner with a global solutions provider and build a team of specialists, you’re saving on labor and training costs to as much as 70% while getting high-quality results that cater to your unique needs.
  • Access to specialized talent — If you’re having a difficult time finding an in-house team due to a short supply of experts in your country or the salary may be too high for your company budget, outsourcing helps you reach the right specialist for the right job anywhere in the world.
  • Reduced errors — Many B2C companies expect an increase of inquiries and orders, so human errors, especially in managing inquiries and confirming personal or contact information, can happen especially when you’re working with a sparse in-house team. What more during the holidays? Having an outsourced team can help you manage the consumer demands and increased customer service, and reduce errors that could worsen in the long run.
  • Scalability — Related to the reducing errors, your chosen solutions provider moves along with your unique needs. Do you need added customer service agents to handle an increase in inquiries, or an A/R team to evaluate and validate order invoices? If you have any shift in your business, your partner will adjust along with you.
  • Guaranteed performance —  The holidays may be a time when your in-house staff can’t always handle the stress because the business is trying to finish everything before the year ends and meet the demands of their consumers. A solutions provider can quicken turnaround times and keep your business running.

The benefits of outsourcing go beyond just answering the short-term holiday rush. A globally trusted solutions partner can help you sift through any season all year long, giving you endless opportunities to grow and meet the demands of your consumers.

Infinit-O is a trusted solutions partner that can help you build and operate a dedicated team of well-trained specialists specifically designed for your unique needs, with cost savings of up to 70%. We can help you meet your goals, whether they be growth, better productivity or simply bottom-line cost savings. With access to excellent healthcare talent who use cutting-edge technology, we provide some of the best strategic solutions for your business. We are ISO-certified, and GDPR-compliant, so your company and data are safe with us.


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