I Don’t Have Time to Hire and Train New Staff-What Can I Do?

Posted by Infinit-O on Aug 5, 2018 7:04:02 PM

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I Don’t Have Time to Hire and Train New Staff-What Can I Do?

The process of finding, hiring, and training new staff can be time consuming and expensive. A growing business can quickly fill up your schedule to the point that you have no time to devote to the process of hiring and training new staff. If you find yourself in this predicament, what can you do? You cannot ignore your growing labor needs forever but additional time is not going to magically appear on your schedule. In order to meet your staffing needs within your time constraints you need to get the task off your plate and/or find alternative options for labor support.

Delegate the responsibility of hiring and training

The fact that you do not have time to hire and train new staff indicates that other important responsibilities are demanding your attention. This may mean that it is time to delegate this responsibility. Take an honest look at your current workload and projected growth to determine if your lack of time is temporary. If there is no relief in sight then you have no reason to think that you will have time for hiring and training in the future. Passing this responsibility on to a qualified individual may be the solution to keeping up with your staffing needs.

Consider alternative labor support options

There are a number of labor support options that do not require the same time commitment as hiring and training in-house staff. One of best examples of alternative labor support is outsourcing. When you employ an outsourcing company you typically only have to go through the hiring and training process once. You hire the outsourcing company of your choice and then train the leadership on the tasks and processes you need completed. As your needs change and grow the leadership at the outsourcing company takes care of the additional hiring and training that is required. Other options for alternative labor support that minimizes your time spent hiring and training include temporary labor, and freelancers. Each of these options can provide you with the labor support you need in a shorter amount of time than the traditional hiring model. Using alternative labor support options can save you time and money in both the short and long-term.

Lack of time is a common problem for business owners. As your business grows the demands on your time will likely continue to grow as well. But, you do not have to let your lack of time prevent your business from growing because you cannot keep up. A couple of adjustments in your process of finding, hiring, and training new staff can make a big difference in your ability to get the help you need in place.  

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