What are My Options for Around-the-Clock Customer Service?

The internet has drastically changed the expectations customers have from businesses. The 24-hour availability of websites and mobile apps has led people to expect a company representative to also be available around-the-clock. Now that companies can easily reach anyone from all around the world, around-the-clock care is important so that people in various time zones can get the help they need. For small to medium businesses, the expense and logistics of making a department of employees available at all times make it seem like an impossible task. The good news is that you do have more than one option for providing around-the-clock customer service.

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Creating the Best Customer Experience through Outsourcing

Customer Experience: The New Business Battleground

As the year 2020 draws near, research predicts that customer experience will be more important than a product’s price and quality. It is how customers view and interact with your company's brand and is now the primary source of sustainable competitive advantage. So, if you’re trying to find ways on improving your business edge, delivering a superior customer experience can help your company become distinctive and outpace the competition.

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Can Automation Help Me Reduce Labor  Costs?

The high cost of labor in a business can have a negative impact on growth. Many business owners struggle to find the right balance between getting the help they need to keep growing and keeping the company profitable. If you are familiar with this struggle then you may be looking for options to help reduce labor overhead costs. One option for reducing labor overhead costs that has drastically increased in popularity and sophistication over the last few years is automation. If you are unfamiliar with the ways automation can help your business, keep reading to learn what automation is, how to implement automation, and the ways in which it can reduce labor overhead costs.

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10 Best Customer Support Apps for Small Businesses

Applications are becoming more and more integral in our daily lives with more customers preferring to communicate via an application instead of phone calls or visiting a website. This is why for any small business venture to succeed in providing products and services, it is now extremely critical for them to utilize applications. These support applications allow small businesses to provide optimal customer service as well as to reduce costs handling service inquiries. If you are a small business owner looking to provide the best customer service support possible, here are 10 very good customer support apps to consider using.  

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Customer Service Qualities Your People Should Have | Infinit Contact

Customer service, if done right, can help draw positive feedback from clients and significantly improve a company’s revenue. However, failure to meet satisfactory levels of customer service can easily upset consumers and may bring about disparaging word-of-mouth advertising that would damage business’ reputation. This is the reason why a satisfactory customer representative should be able to possess certain customer service qualities.

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6 Steps to an Effective Order Processing System

A reliable and efficient order processing system for your customers is crucial to business success. Without it, backroom operations will fumble, front end representatives will suffer, and customers are more likely go to a competitor that offers better service. A lot of time, money, and resources can be saved just by developing a proper order-processing guideline. It's important for you to come up with the best procedure that will help you run your business smoothly and your customers happy.

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50 Customer Service Quotes to Motivate You for 2015

For the past years, we have seen how the customer service industry continues to develop in meeting the growing needs of the customers. Tools are improved, methods are polished and people are equipped to achieve excellence in customer service delivery. Regardless of the “what” and “how” of customer service, the “why” is most essential.

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10 Zappos Stories That Will Change the Way You Look at Customer Service Forever

Companies that are devoted to their customers’ satisfaction reap loyalty and recognition that will reverberate across the business sector and beyond.

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