5 Trends That Will Advance the Coverage and Value of Outsourcing in 2020

Small to medium businesses have limited financial and operational resources. They need to focus their budget on profit yielding investments and direct efforts toward business growth. Most of the time, it is a challenge operationally to manage in-house staff for additional but equally integral tasks such as customer support, IT, and accounting. Outsourcing is a cost-effective way for SMBs to execute these integral functions without overspending.

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3 Major Misconceptions about Outsourcing

Are you thinking about partnering with an outsourcing company to supercharge your business growth, but holding back? There are many companies that hesitate to team up with an outsourcing partner for several reasons.

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3 Important Metrics For Effective Customer Experience

When you think about some of the most important aspects of your business, what comes into mind?

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Competitive Advantages of Outsourcing: Disruptive Solutions with the Right Partner

It’s true: business growth can be painful. We’re well aware of the common issues: Overall staff morale will drop and the management will be under pressure when they need to add in more hours to do all the extra work. Quality customer service could deteriorate, causing a rapid increase of unsatisfied customers that might switch to your competitor. Because of all the problems in your business, in the name of growth, you might see high staff turnover with even higher recruitment and training costs.

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Five Key Benefits of Outsourcing your Marketing Support Processes

Many companies are opting to outsource their business functions today, whether it's a small business with a lack of resources or a corporation looking to cut costs. The upsides of outsourcing are becoming more evident with time.

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Streamlining Finance Operations: From Number Crunchers to Strategic Leaders

Accountants are no longer just the number crunchers in a business. With the increased automation of their basic tasks, they are now expected to focus on strategic finance and accounting operations and make important business decisions to drive growth.

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Medical Claims Processing: Exceeding Expectations

Patients expect excellent service from healthcare institutions, from diagnosing the illness to processing insurance claims.

The main goal to keep your patient happy is to help your patients save time and money, and improve their recovery experience. While medical coders don’t always meet patients face-to-face, they must still provide positive and meaningful encounters in claims processing, from determining basic information to investigating issues.

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Four Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Finance and Accounting Processes

The Finance and Accounting departments form the backbone of a company. These areas play a vital role in every business. They keep careful records of the business’ cash flow, liabilities, assets, and profits, which help managers make profitable decisions to grow their business.

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How to maintain control over your business by outsourcing your support processes

Here’s a story that you might be familiar with. A healthcare company is working round the clock, delivering the best service for their stakeholders. Day in and day out, the medical transcription team handles hundreds of claims, ensuring that patient information is correct and updated.

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Disrupting Medical Claims Management

The healthcare industry is always evolving, and so should your business. Paying attention to the present-day trends, patients prefer speedy service with claims processes.

Meet your patients’ expectations—disrupt your medical claims processes.

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