5 Reasons Why You Need to Embrace Big Data

When you’re growing your business, you’ll need data to lead you in the right direction. Companies who don’t immediately see the importance of Big Data often lead to misusing resources, spending too much time and money on one or a few business improvements and ignoring other key innovations, and slowing down overall business operations, leaving your competitors to get ahead of you.

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6 Tips to Fully Secure Your Healthcare Business

The healthcare industry deals with massive amounts of private data every day. Patients entrust their valuable information to these businesses. But there is always a risk involved in gathering this data to provide a service.

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3 Smart Decisions to Make for Threat Intelligence

With today’s businesses exchanging all kinds of information online, data privacy and security are just as important as the utilities used in the brick and mortar office.

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Outsourced Cybersecurity Research Analysts Prevent Online Threats

With an onslaught of cyber threats to defend businesses from, such as malware and supply chain attacks, businesses are encouraged to invest heavily in cybersecurity.

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When to Outsource Market Research

Once you've decided to do a market research project with, the inevitable question arises: should you outsource your market research, or do it in-house?

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3 Benefits of Outsourcing Market Research

Business market research is done to determine if a product or service will meet the needs of customers. It involves gathering facts about the product or service, and how users interact with it.

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How Data Analytics is Improving the Insurance Industry

Data is the new oil. Or so it has been said. This is evident in the number of effort businesses give in collecting customers' personal data these days.

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GDPR a Year After: How Data Security Improved, and How it can do Better

Data security is a critical focus for businesses today. This is especially true for solutions partners who have access to other businesses' sensitive data. Businesses rely on these companies to protect their data at all costs.

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The Role of Data Analytics in Your Customer Care Services

In every B2C company, you have to always ask yourself: “what’s my unique selling point that keeps customers coming back to me?” This way, you can see what customers really want beyond your products and services.

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Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap Through Outsourcing

Closing the cybersecurity skills gap is critical in today's technology-driven business environment.

But what exactly is the cybersecurity skills gap?

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