How Data Analytics is Improving the Insurance Industry

Data is the new oil. Or so it has been said. This is evident in the number of effort businesses give in collecting customers' personal data these days.

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GDPR a Year After: How Data Security Improved, and How it can do Better

Data security is a critical focus for businesses today. This is especially true for solutions partners who have access to other businesses' sensitive data. Businesses rely on these companies to protect their data at all costs.

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The role of data analytics in your customer care services

In every B2C company, you have to always ask yourself: “what’s my unique selling point that keeps customers coming back to me?” This way, you can see what customers really want beyond your products and services.

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Closing the cybersecurity skills gap through outsourcing

Closing the cybersecurity skills gap is critical in today's technology-driven business environment.

But what exactly is the cybersecurity skills gap?

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