Where Can I Find Reliable and Cost Effective Help with Routine Business Processes?

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Where Can I Find Reliable and Cost Effective Help with Routine Business Processes | Infinit-O

Routine business processes are an important part of keeping your business running. They may not require a high level of expertise but remain an essential part of your day-to-day operations. Examples of routine business processes include data entry, billing, data processing, and taking inbound customer calls. You need reliable help with these tasks and others that are similar, but do not want to overpay for that help. Is it possible to find reliable and cost effective help with routine business processes? If so, where do you go to find that help. Not only is it possible to find the help you need, but you can get it  for a price you can afford. The source of that help simply depends on the nature of your business and the tasks you need completed. Options for reliable and cost effective help include your current employees, freelancers, staffing agencies, and outsourcing.

Current Employees

One of the first places employers can look for additional help is inside the business. You already know your current employees so you can easily determine if they are reliable enough to handle the additional tasks you need completed. Hopefully you consider all of your current employees to be reliable! Your current employees may be able to provide you with reliable help but whether or not it is cost effective depends on the specifics of your situation. For example, it does not make financial sense to have an executive member of your team work on data entry. You would pay an executive level price for something that could be done for an entry level price. However, if you have someone who is already working on some of your routine business processes you may be able to add a few more tasks to their list.


In the increasingly connected world we live in it is becoming more and more common for people to work as freelancers. For you, as a business owner, this means that you have access to a flexible workforce. When you use freelancers you only pay for the work you need completed. In addition, since freelancers are contract labor you do not have to pay for additional costs related to benefits like employer-paid insurance, paid time off, etc. These elements make freelancers a cost effective option for business owners who need help with routine processes. The level of reliability you get from freelancers is highly dependent on the freelancer. Some are extremely reliable and will get their work done well, and on time. Others are not dependable at all. If you want to try using freelancers for your business it may take a little time to find people who are reliable.


Of all the options mentioned here, outsourcing provides you with the best balance of reliability and cost effectiveness. You get the same cost benefits that come with using freelancers: pay only for the work you need and avoid typical overhead costs of hiring employees. However, working with an outsourcing company is a more reliable option than using freelancers. One of the reasons for the increased reliability is the fact that high quality outsourcing companies use a team approach. This means that there is more than one person who understands your account and can get the work done when needed. The other element that makes using an outsourcing agency more reliable than freelancers is the fact that the outsourcers are under supervision. The leadership at the outsourcing company you choose is responsible for ensuring that everyone is on track and getting the work done for your business.       

There is plenty to consider between these three options for delegating your routine business processes. You may find that some combination of two or all three works best for your business. Ultimately, it is good news that there are viable options for getting reliable and cost effective help for your business.

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