4 Tips to Reduce Threats to Your Company's Web and Data Security

In today’s digital age, almost all successful organizations rely heavily on data. Data transfer, storage, and data collection all play integral roles in allowing businesses to earn profit and maintain solid working relationships with suppliers and affiliates. Data also heavily impacts most organizations as most social, governmental, and economic activities are carried out online. This information has the potential to dictate the flow of life of any organization. This is why if your company is looking to thrive in its specific industry, now is the time to be vigilant about web and data security.

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6 Ways Outsourced Telehealth Support Improves Patient Experience

Today’s technology is empowering how patients, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists experience healthcare. These technological developments fall under the telehealth field, which covers everything from telemedicine to other related services such as telenursing and telepharmacy. Regardless of the service needed—whether a consult or prescription—patients conveniently access these through smart devices such as laptops and smartphones. The physical distance is crossed with the quick, real-time access of a virtual one.

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How Outsourcing Simplifies Your Finance & Accounting Processes




Outsourced companies have gone from service to solutions providers, focused on improving the businesses of their clients. An Ovum study on 150 big companies in the UK, US, and Canada reports “driving efficiency” as the main priority of CFOs.  They want to know how the resources of outsourcing companies—such as technology and F&A processes—can help in running more efficient businesses.

Simplifying your company’s F&A processes is key to an efficient business, as it enables positive results such as a higher benchmark and baseline for financial processes, increased services, higher cash flow, and a reduced cycle for book closing. Thus, both backend tasks such as payroll and accounts payable and strategic responsibilities such as auditing and forecasts will be delegated to outsourcing companies.

There are more benefits to outsourcing multiple F&A functions, as opposed to limiting services to only one or two tasks. According to Jag Dalal of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, outsourcing multiple functions gives companies “value beyond improving the transactional component because the outsourcer can see when cash comes in and goes out.” There is an opportunity to take advantage of the cash-on-hand and “optimize internal processes,” he describes.

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5 Ways Big Data is Impacting Healthcare



Doctors and nurses gather high volumes of data on a daily basis. Over 2.5 exabytes of data were measured on a daily basis in 2012, from the healthcare industry. From patient histories, laboratory test results, diagnosis, to drug prescriptions, hospitals are a goldmine of medical information. Electronic health records (EHR) alone gather data at lightning speeds. The healthcare industry’s collective data can be described as high volume, high velocity, and high variety—in other words, there is the potential to gather and analyze big data. Volume is the amount of data measured in petabytes or terabytes; variety is the different types of data such as video, text, audio, and log files; velocity is the speed of data processing streams from sources such as mobile devices and machine-to-machine transfers.

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6 Ways Outsourcing Jumpstart Startups!

The world’s busiest economies practically consists of startups. According to Startup Rankings, the USA had 28,862 startup companies in 2018. India followed at 4,781, while the UK had 2,989 companies. All these small business owners face one challenge: starting and sustaining a profitable business. Unfortunately, not all startups make the cut. The global average of closing down within one year is at 90 percent. How then does the other 10 percent make it?
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Health Informatics and How Outsourcing Can Help



Healthcare is one of the most demanding industries out there. Every staff member must work as efficient and effective as possible in order to ensure the patients’ health and well-being. In the last few decades, health informatics has helped in driving better results and sustainable healthcare for patients. Health informatics combines computer technology, informational science, and healthcare to keep up with the demands and constant changes in medicine. It all began with introducing computers to keep patient records. Since then, health informatics has become a source of important statistical information such as medicine distribution and monitoring patient progress. 

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7 Guiding Principles for Outsourcing Your Customer Service


High-quality, reliable customer service is an integral part of every business. Whether your company is in retail or offers specific services, consumers require a convenient and flexible means of contacting the business. Unfortunately, small and medium businesses don’t always have the time, money, or resources to build its own in-house customer service center or have outgrown their capacity.

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7 Telemedicine Apps that Changed the Healthcare Industry in 2018



The healthcare industry’s concerns have gone beyond what patients need. Today’s increasingly advanced digital, mobile-based age has shifted the focus of healthcare researchers, market research companies, app developers, and  IT technology business toward mobile health (mHealth) apps. This year alone reported the availability of over 318,000 health apps. The public’s immediate and higher adoption of smartphones and the rise of investors looking into the digital health market are behind this surge. Accenture’s 2018 Consumer Survey on Digital Health reports that 75% of consumers indicated the importance of information technology in healthcare and disease management. It also states that 48% of healthcare consumers are using mHealth apps.

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Find Out How Your Healthcare Company May Benefit from Telemedicine





Every business must keep up with the fast pace and immediate benefits from technology, especially in today’s healthcare companies. Technology has stepped in to provide an efficient, fast, and accessible solution. Telemedicine allows medical information to be exchanged from a distance. All kinds of medical information, such as diagnosis, clinical management, treatment, and medical education, are communicated despite the distance.

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Top Australian Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Trends For 2019



More and more Australian businesses are embracing outsourcing. Employing the services of a third-party provider or moving some of their operations abroad has enabled higher profit and greater business growth. The increased demand from downstream businesses has led to the higher demand for BPOs in Australia. These businesses look toward BPOs for their technical expertise in services such as finance, accounting, human resource, recruitment, and IT. The hired offshore services allow companies to lessen their overhead cost, while also employing the best talents that may not be on their shores. Quality is not compromised for the sake of low quantity.

Finance and accounting are two of the main services Australian businesses outsource abroad. Small businesses benefit from outsourcing finance and accounting, as they can employ the BPO company’s resources, technology, and expertise at a lower cost. As a result, the business can focus on growth, profit, and utilizing its limited resources for overall development. Here are some of the top Australian finance and accounting outsourcing trends for the coming year.

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