The Value of Research and Data in Crisis

Effectively Handle Your Business In Times of Crisis

Operational Challenges Faced by Accounting Businesses

How Nurses Are Using Health Informatics to Improve Patient Care

The Advantages and Challenges of Outsourcing Operational Support in the Healthcare Industry

3 Simple Tips to Make Sure Your Surveys are Answered

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How to Optimize Revenue Cycle Management

In this article we will learn the following;

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How Outsourcing Helps in Revenue Cycle Management

The Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is a crucial process that ensures a simpler billing and collection cycle, reduces denied claims, and improves the healthcare provider’s revenue. With quick and accurate claims processing and minimize claim denials, RCM helps in maintaining the provider’s revenue as well as managing patient billing records.

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3 Best Practices for Market Research

Market research helps any organization make better decisions. Sometimes, however, the research team may face a challenge in creating engaging and enlightening research reports that might not tell a cohesive story with the right data and recommendations. How can your company create a closely-knit research report that can lead to actionable insights?

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4 Areas in Finance Where Information Technology Greatly Helps

Information technology (IT) has helped companies in so many ways, especially when it comes to preventing cyberattacks and threat intelligence, improving the way we save our information on the cloud, and transmitting data from one source to another. Businesses across the globe now cannot function without an IT team backing up their servers and protecting important data such as company information, personal data of their employees and clients or customers, and behavioral data for marketing automation tools. IT is now an integral part of any business model, but while companies may understand the importance of IT, they still experience roadblocks like lack of training or underinvestment may have a harder time adapting to the highly digitized world.

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