Our People, Our P.R.I.D.E.

At Infinit-O, we have a pool of highly-skilled and motivated individuals who can execute customized, value-based solutions in the business. Our outsourcing expertise in Healthcare, Finance & Accounting, Data & Research, and Contact Center proves that we deliver exceptional results that consistently delight  our clients. 
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Grow Your Business By Tracking These 6 Essential Customer Service Metrics


Numbers can make or break a business. Your company’s growth and overall improvement is measured through the rise and fall of its service, especially when it comes to dealing with customers. Customer service metrics act as a guide for every member on your team. They provide a more thorough understanding of their work and what your industry demands. Although being measured can seem intimidating at first, the team will eventually see how each metric clarifies their responsibilities. At the same time, each metric provides more room for improvement, giving both your business and its customer service members chances to grow.

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Top 3 Tech Trends in the Telehealth Industry


Delivering quality patient care is quite fulfilling especially when healthcare providers are more personal and connected with their patients. However, this connection does not happen all the time. Some patients do not have the luxury of time, or even have the strength, to go to a hospital to properly be treated. Telehealth then enters this medical scenario. Read More

7 Things You Need to Know About Health Information Management

Quality healthcare is not only dependent on the doctors and nurses who attend to your health and medical concerns every time you visit a hospital or a clinic. Aside from the medical personnel that you normally meet during your health checkup, there is an entire workforce who ensures that proper healthcare information is disseminated for accurate treatment and manages medical data and patient records for easy reference and correct filing. This is the health information management (HIM).

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Top 3 Advantages of Healthcare Informatics in the Modern Age

Challenges of Delivering Customer Satisfaction and How To Go Through Them

In this modern age when almost everything comes handy, customers have become less appreciative and are difficult to please. With the advancement in technology and the accessibility of information, product quality among competing brands and companies are almost equal. Hence, the determining factor in choosing the brand or company lies in the customer service.

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The Pains and Gains In Your Healthcare Business Startup Journey

What Benefits Can Hospitals Get from Healthcare Automation?

What benefits can hospitals get from healthcare automation?

Even as automation has become part of our daily lives and an integral part of operations in various industries, it is still lagging significantly when it comes to healthcare. This is an issue that healthcare systems and organizations need to seriously consider as it is projected that the U.S nursing shortage will grow to 260,000 registered nurses by 2025 due to an aging population needing more health care, and staffing going into retirement, mainly the baby boomers. Add to the mix the consistent need to reduce costs and eliminate redundancy and you have got one thing to seriously consider – applying automation to health care operations, from patient support services to tasks that require little cognitive value.

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5 Differences Between Reporting and Analysis

Living in the era of digital technology and big data has made organizations dependent on the wealth of information data can bring. You might have seen how reporting and analysis are used interchangeably, especially the manner which outsourcing companies market their services. While both areas are part of web analytics (note that analytics isn’t similar to analysis), there’s a vast difference between them, and it’s more than just spelling.

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Telemedicine and its Impact to the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has seen immense growth over the decades thanks to the ease and convenience brought by the advancement of today’s technologies. However, there are still many challenges that the industry has to overcome, especially when it comes to accessibility and convenience of services both for the patients and the medical providers.

One of the solutions the medical profession and the healthcare industry have come up with to address these issues is telemedicine.

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