Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap Through Outsourcing

Closing the cybersecurity skills gap is critical in today's technology-driven business environment.

But what exactly is the cybersecurity skills gap?

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4 Tips to Reduce Threats to Your Company's Web and Data Security

In today’s digital age, almost all successful organizations rely heavily on data. Data transfer, storage, and data collection all play integral roles in allowing businesses to earn profit and maintain solid working relationships with suppliers and affiliates. Data also heavily impacts most organizations as most social, governmental, and economic activities are carried out online. This information has the potential to dictate the flow of life of any organization. This is why if your company is looking to thrive in its specific industry, now is the time to be vigilant about web and data security.

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Information Technology Security: 5 Functions to Outsource


Whether you’re a small or medium business owner, the threat of cybersecurity breaches is a serious concern for your company. Not having experienced, well-trained professionals prevent and address such attacks will cost your company more in terms of expenses, reputation, and profit. No customer or client wants to deal with a brand that doesn’t have the means to prioritize their data security. At the same time, it’s also important for your company to protect its own confidential information and other assets. But does your company need to go beyond budget and increase costs with an in-house team? No, because information technology (IT) support outsourcing is a more affordable and effective solution.

According to the Computer Economics IT Outsourcing Statistics of 2016/2017, the majority of the surveyed IT departments plan to increase the outsourcing load for IT security. Vice president of research for Computer Economics, David Wagner states that no organizations plan to decrease the outsourced amount, as sophisticated threats require specialized skills. He adds that organizations acknowledge that threat detection requires a different skill set and IT support outsourcing offers a bigger variety of specialized skills. The indicated study also reports that outsourcing is an attractive option for smaller organizations and are employing these services at the same level as bigger companies. If you haven’t caught up to this cost-effective, scalable IT solution, here are five essential functions you can outsource to keep the company protected and profitable.

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Why is Web Application Security Testing Important?



Web applications have become an integral part of our lives. We use them to order food, to book a ride to work, to find a date, to buy clothes and makeup, to monitor our diet and water consumption, and so much more. We’ve become so used to depending on apps that we’ve ignored the amount of information entered with every login, swipe, and sale. It is crucial for web application developers to ensure the security of their product. Web application security testing analyzes and reports the level of security in the said product.

Security testing is especially crucial in today’s technology industry. Web apps are one of the main causes of data breaches. Veracode’s 2017 State of Software Security Report says that 77 percent of web applications have a minimum of one security vulnerability. In 2016, there were 728 data breaches occurring in the US out of the 974 reported for that year.

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Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing Can Help Prevent Fraud in Chiropractic Care

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the US Department of Health and Human Services has recently issued the "Medicare Needs Better Controls to Prevent Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Related to Chiropractic Services" portfolio that identified vulnerabilities and reiterated recommendations from prior reports that have not been implemented or have been implemented ineffectively. It acknowledged that fraud, waste, and abuse "is a concern."

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The 5 Pillars of Information Security and How to Manage Them

Information Security Means Better Business

In the progressively competitive business world, information is a valuable resource that needs utmost protection. Information security is integral in managing your business and ensuring that vital information is not compromised in any way.

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How to Empower Patients while Securing Data in Healthcare


Patient empowerment is an integral part of the modern healthcare system that enables patients to assert greater control over their health and make informed decisions about the care they receive. Having accurate medical data accessible for patients is the key to their empowerment.

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