The Role of Data Analytics in Your Customer Care Services

Posted by Infinit-O on Apr 17, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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The role of data analytics in your customer care services

In every B2C company, you have to always ask yourself: “what’s my unique selling point that keeps customers coming back to me?” This way, you can see what customers really want beyond your products and services.

Customer service solutions can help you reach out to your customers faster & more efficiently, and in turn, bring you both higher revenue and a better idea of what your consumers desire. But how does data work in the customer service industry, and how can you take advantage of all the information you’re getting from phone calls, chats, and emails?

Here’s how it all works.

At the most basic level, data analytics helps you with the following:

  • Segments customers and gives you an idea of how to respond to different approaches
  • Strategically uses omni-channel customer services such as email or chat support and voice calls
  • Shares important customer information across teams to avoid impersonal customer service
  • Analyzes customers to create personalized offers targeted to the right audience

As you can see, with something as simple as a phone inquiry or a quick chat, you can gain a number of insights about your customers.

But on the deeper end, how is data analytics important in customer service?

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Tracks Consumer Behavior

Each customer engagement results in gathering important data, such as demographics and buying preferences. Data analytics tracks consumer behavior from the country of origin to order history, so from these data, you can create campaigns that can entice them to buy again and again—even establish brand loyalty.

It’s hard to keep track of all this information coming in, and with all the channels your customers can reach you, it can be difficult to sift through the data. One way to help you organize your data to improve customer engagement and increase revenue is by outsourcing a results-oriented customer experience team.

Offers a Personalized Experience

We all know it: Personalization is key.


A personalized customer experience gives your brand a better idea of how various customers respond to different approaches. Data helps you improve that experience, and you can get it through various channels and approaches.

The trick here is to always have a human touch. More often than not, you could get more canceled phone calls, open-ended chats, and unanswered emails if your message doesn’t fit your customer’s style and habits. Human contact is more empathic, and it strikes a more meaningful conversation that gives out more information.

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An outsourced customer experience team can help bring personalization to the table with customized approaches to get customers to perform repeat buys or even attract new buyers. Find the right solutions partner with a team of excellent members who can turn all calls and chats into an insightful and personalized experience.

Delivers Valuable Feedback

In all customer experience activities, it is important to compile, interpret, and report feedback—positive or negative, still important data—to give your business the right tools for understanding your customers so that you can provide better products and services in the future.

Furthermore, feedback also gives a better view of a customers history to avoid bad or impersonal service. You can also see which channels they’re most likely to use when contacting you, and you can better reach them through this manner and provide the best service they deserve. Again, personalization plays an important role here, as it aids in extracting more insights from your customer.

With an outsourced customer experience team, managers train their members to acquire feedback from different channels and report their interpreted insights to fix product or service issues.

No one likes lazy and impersonal customer service. With data analytics, you can effectively improve customer experience as you steadily improve your own products and service. Getting an outsourced customer service team can help you exceed expectations, increase revenue, and create a pool of loyal customers who can bring your brand far and wide.

Infinit-O especially is a trusted solutions partner that can help you build and operate a dedicated team of well-trained healthcare professionals, especially for you and your unique needs. When it comes to customer experience, Infinit-O can meet your goals, whether they be growth, better productivity or simply bottom-line cost savings. With our access to highly-skilled customer service experts who use cutting-edge technology, we provide some of the best strategic solutions for your business. We are ISO-certified and GDPR-compliant, so your company’s and customers’ data are safe with us.

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